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Tyrolia Power Select Bindings

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Would users of these bindings please share their observations on the three different settings? I've been trying mine and so far think the difference between settings is subtle.
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I skied all last season with PS 8's on two pairs of skis.

You hit the nail on the head -- Changing the settings does have an effect, but it is quite small. My personal opinion is that the most of the effect is from changing the initial camber of the ski. I say this because I feel more of a change on packed groomers, with less effect if I change the setting while skiing soft snow.

Tom / PM

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I have power selects-8 on a pair of SX-192, I did this for ice or high speeds so the ski would be more like the SF ( have the speed plate also ,which according to the rep amplifies the action)I did notice a diff , but how much can not be quantified since it is impossible to duplicate the identical line you take. Same thing when I uncambered the ski for bumps.I have a pair of power selects -9 on a pair of G-3 volkls with the speed plate and have not turned on the power select yet , I chose that combo because I could get the plate and binding in fire engine red which looks sick with the puke green of the volkl. But so far have had no desire to try, since the skiis do it all. As far as Tyrolia, they do not make the binding any more and have replaced it with the Rail-Flex.With how skiis have gotten shorter in the last two years , the rail flex makes more sense. The rail flex can be adusted fore or aft by 15mm and is total freeflex(instead of only a freeflex heel)so you can move it forward and be quicker in the moguls and park and just put them on a volkl for that grip.
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I have PS 9s. I think they do make a significant difference between the lowest camber and medium; I rarely skied with full camber, it just didn't feel good with my skis and didn't seem to make a difference in all out grip. Soft setting makes soft bumps and pivot turns much easier, IMO, and OTOH, makes it more difficult to get nice medium radius carved turns. I've liked the bindings a lot actually, and have even switched them from one run to another...
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On the former Marker SLC's the most dramatic difference was noticed between the #1 and #3 settings.
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I have Tyrolia Power Select 8's on several pairs of skis including a Fischer 191cm Border-X pair that I still use. On hard snow and in moguls there is a noticeable positive difference between the "turn" and "neutral" settings. With Fisher skis, the "grip" setting has never been necessary. [img]smile.gif[/img] However, because they have a center mounting screw they can not be mounted on Fischer skis that have plates.
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Some of you guys seem to feel the effect is more significant than I do. I'm curious, under what conditions do you feel it the most?

Hard vs soft snow?

Turns with a larger skidded / pivoted component versus turns with a highly edged ski and carved turns?

High vs lo speed?

Moguls vs groomers?

Softer skis vs stiffer skis?

Are you light, medium, or average weight?


I'll tell you my theory after I get some responses.

Tom / PM
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I am ajust over 200# and 55 years old. Since I first posted I've skied a few more times. Skis are 175 Head WorldCup GS not the race model.
I ski in Iowa on man-made. The turn mode makes the the skis sound different for sure. I may not be good enough to really do slalom style turns. Running GS gates last week I settled on the grip setting as my favorite due to hold.
Soft groomend snow, the center position is real nice for fun skiing. I like the bindings as they are interesting to try the different positions. I think after I get enough experience I'll better be able to get the most good out of them.
Just like skis, the skier's weight, style, ability and snow conditions all have a lot of effect. They do make the ski more versatile, and I guess that is why they were made.
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