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Sox up 8-5 in the season series but still 3.5 back in the division. Three-game series begins tonight (weather permitting) in da Bronx. The two teams play each other again next weekend in Fenway. (Could postponed games this weekend be made up then?)

But the real story here is (since I showed my boxers in a different thread) (didn't you know it's Exhibitionist Friday?) my shirt today.


I have the cream version (shaddup, Rul).

Funniest thing was spotting a partner in the hall two weeks ago who had the same shirt, but light blue background.

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Looks like a 1950's second place shirt to me.
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Nothing sadder than seeing a Red Sox fan crying in front of the Jimmy Fund sign with that busy shirt on.
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all that remains, really...

is to see who laughs last.

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Originally Posted by ryan
is to see who laughs last.

Come on, you must have better material than that.
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"Nothing sadder than seeing a Red Sox fan crying in front of the Jimmy Fund sign with that busy shirt on."

funny, i had the same reaction after that one.

i WILL give points to the guy in red for the "second place shirt" line.
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i'm concerned.

it's that time of year and i can't help it.

plus, too many people are saying the sox are the team to beat. weird "shut the heck up about it" feelings are kicking in.

as i have said TOO many times, the deal DOES go through new york.

optimism cannot erase the memories of past "this close" experiences.

meanwhile, the "26 championships" bellow is building, and THAT i love.

BETS on whether there'll be any "*heated exchanges"?

(* a varitek mitt shoved into an a-rod face does, for purposes of this discussion, constitute "heated exchange.")
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Doesn't matter who wins this weeks games. The real test will come when October arrives and we all know what happens to the Dead Sox in October now don't we?

Some things just go that way you know? Kinda like what happened last year and the year before and the year before.

Lets face it. Some teams will always be loosers.

Haven't you Red Sox fans figured that out yet?
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you're right.

I quit.
What's the point?
Season's over.
Everyone go home.
The End.
Makes ya wonder why they even bother to have seasons year after year.
Ah, to be forever an also-ran.
Now where'd I put that white flag?

I'm hoppin' aboard! Make room, bandwagoners, ya got one more passenger.

GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!
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As if.

"Some things just go that way you know? Kinda like what happened last year and the year before and the year before."

you must mean: Florida Marlins, Anaheim Angels, Arizona Diamondbacks.

yeah, now that you mention it, I do seem to recall the past few octobers.
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Gonna be good...

Mussina is picking it up, as is the rest of the staff. No Schilling this series...Pedro is gonna get lit up on Sunday. Yanks take at least 2 of the 3.

Here's a good one:

I heard that Bill Buckner was so depressed after that error in Game 6, that he tried to kill himself by jumping in front of a bus, but it went through his legs.
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damn it.

that's funny.

and yes, mussina looked Very Good - top form, really - last time out.

easy to overlook, and rivera IS still The Guy, but that gamewinner mueller hit off him awhile back is a nice message sent.
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25-5, I'm sure we'll be hearing "yeah, but we beat Rivera"

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just an honest question...

given the submitted significance of "25-5," how would you rate the significance of a recent 22-0? (not a rhetorical question; go for it; i await your astute analysis, although a simple "oh yeah?" will suffice.) if you'd like, i guess we could add up all kinds of numbers (sox still up in season series, 9-7, i think, a number with significance were the two teams to end the season tied with the same record*) and see what they mean.
my take is that all that matters is wins and losses, but i'm open to hearing other theories.

you may in fact hear a "yeah, but we beat rivera" from someone, but most likely not in this thread.

the significance is not the runs scored, it's the two of three the yankees took, making a division title for the sox very unlikely. (and lars had mentioned the INsignificance of the past weekend series, when in fact the significance has to do with where a potential last game of a playoff series would be played were it played between the yankees and red sox.)


hitch your horse to whatever you want, i guess.

mussina looked dominant and will be tough to beat with that stuff.
and pedro without a fastball is a very vulnerable pitcher.

plenty of baseball left to be played.


*very unlikely

edit: jeter may be a punk, but dangit, he is a great player.
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the fact is, it IS huge to beat him, because he is so damn unbeatable. he's about the closest thing to automatic STOP in the game right now. i'd put him in before gagne, hoffman...anybody.
and to beat him twice is important, psychologically as well as wins-losses.

at this level these guys are all pretty much about equal, talent-wise. what sets most exceptional athletes apart is what's in their head. IF rivera believes he is a little less invincible, IF rivera loses a half-ounce of confidence that he can throw a fastball, or slider, or whatever, to a given hitter in a given situation, so much the better. the FACT is it DID take him awhile to get back from his loss to arizona in the last world series game the yankees and diamondbacks played.

you don't expect it to bother him, but you don't mind that it's in the back of his head somewhere.

rivera has four blown saves this year, half those against boston. is that a statistic you see in the won/loss column? no. but you don't see statistics, either, for guys who make an out but move a runner to the next base. still, that is how games are won and lost.

"25-5." cool. take it to the bank. ain't nobody gonna cash it for ya.

in the meantime, live it up.
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If the Yanks win the Pennent and the Series this year, it won't be because of their pitching. It'll be because of the most awesome lineup of hitters ever put together on one team since the Cincy Reds of quite a few years ago.

They had the best rotation of pitchers last year and when it came down to needing runs, it wasn't there. This year it's the opposite.
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those Reds


red sox fans will recall the '75 version that beat the sox 4 games to 3 in the world series. yankees fans will recall the '76 reds that swept the yankees in four.

by the way, lars ("...the most awesome lineup of hitters ever put together on one team"), ya might wanna check a few numbers:


sox up in every offensive category but one, HR's.
and six teams with better averages.
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Originally Posted by irul&ublo
Mussina is picking it up, as is the rest of the staff. No Schilling this series...Pedro is gonna get lit up on Sunday. Yanks take at least 2 of the 3.

Gotta bump this prediction.
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"A's in four."

Yeah, prediction bump day.
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None of this matters because of "the Curse."
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and what curse is that again? i seem to have misplaced my notes.
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Here's a hint, there is a candy bar with the same name.
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Originally Posted by Lucky
Here's a hint, there is a candy bar with the same name.
Curse of the Butterfinger?????

Are you referring to their botched rundown play they showed in the baseball highlights last night?
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Bambino dammit, Bambino
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ah yessssss, the popular "bambino bar." sold EVERYwhere.
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Sox now playing for the wild card berth
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wild card's a done deal. either angels, a's or texas gonna have to take the west to see playoff action.

and after last night...

September 22, 2004

Red Sox Pull Out Victory With 2 Runs in the Ninth


OSTON, Sept. 21 (AP) - Mark Bellhorn's line drive headed for center field, and his teammates were in hot pursuit.

Even before Dave Roberts and Bill Mueller scored to give the Boston Red Sox a 3-2 victory over the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday night, players were pouring out of the dugout to celebrate Bellhorn's two-out single. The victory ended a three-game losing streak that threatened Boston's dwindling chances at an American League East title.

"It's not the time of year to lose four in a row," said Manager Terry Francona, whose Red Sox were an out away from doing just that after Javy Lopez hit a two-run homer in the top of the ninth to put the Orioles ahead, 2-1.

Curt Schilling cruised through eight innings, striking out a season-high 14; he was going for his major-league-leading 21st victory. But given a 1-0 lead on a sacrifice fly by Kevin Millar in the eighth, Keith Foulke (4-3) gave up a two-run homer to Lopez on a 3-2 pitch with two outs in the ninth.

B. J. Ryan (3-6) walked Kevin Youkilis in the bottom half, and Mueller doubled off the left-field wall for his career-high fourth hit. Pinch-hitter David McCarty popped up to first, then Johnny Damon struck out.

Jorge Julio came on to face Bellhorn, who had struck out twice in the game. He has 161 strikeouts this year, one short of the franchise record. Bellhorn laced a pitch to center field, out of the reach of Larry Bigbie.

"Up and down, up and down; that's playoff, late-September baseball," Schilling said. "Find a way. And we did."

Boston, which leads in the A.L. wild-card race, managed to keep pace with the Yankees, who beat Toronto, 5-3, to preserve their four-and-a-half-game lead in the A.L. East. The Red Sox and the Yankees will play three times this weekend at Fenway Park.

Schilling pitched eight innings of three-hit ball, walking one and allowing just two runners to reach second base; each time he struck out the remaining batters in the inning. Rodrigo Lopez nearly matched Schilling, allowing one run and five hits, striking out seven, in seven-plus innings.

He walked the first two batters, Damon and Bellhorn, in the eighth.

"I got tired and couldn't get the ball down," Lopez said.

Jason Grimsley came in to face Manny Ramirez and got him to bounce the ball to the left side. Third baseman Melvin Mora's only play was to first, allowing the runners to advance.

David Ortiz was intentionally walked, then Ryan came in to face Millar, who lofted a short, looping fly down the right-field line, and Damon scored.

Foulke came in for the save and allowed Miguel Tejada's one-out single, then got ahead, 0-2, in the count before Lopez drove a shot over the Green Monster for his 20th homer.

The Red Sox had allowed nine or more runs in each of their previous three games. But Schilling is 7-0 after a Boston loss, and he pitched well enough to win again.

...the division title is still within reach, especially with 10 or a dozen games remaining and three more sox/yanks matchups.
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Originally Posted by ryan
...the division title is still within reach
Dream that dream.
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where's chuck barris and that gong?

"Come on, you must have better material than that."


step it up, guys, you're disappointing me.
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