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What is in the Air?

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Generally, I like little signs that the seasons are changing and ski season is on its way. The light starts to change, the leaves start to lose their color, a bit of a chill in the air. Even better, we start to see some snow on the Cascades (the snow level is supposed to come down to 6000' this weekend and there is rain in the forecast down in the city, which means Hood and St. Helens should start showing).
But, in this afternoon's mail, we got the Christmas catalog from LLBean. This raises the question--how do you know there is less than a week left to summer? Answer--the Christmas catalogues start arriving.
Seems early to me.
If you are a Gorman magnate, or otherwise support your skiing habit with the proceeds from selling all those chinos and Maine hunting shoes, my apologies. Otherwise, give me a break.
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There is a clear change in the air here when summer turns to winter -- fall is just a brief stumble. Slightly stinging cold, light the gas fire, shiver in the morning with the dogs. Unmistakable!
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wasn't it funny that it went from hot and clear to rain, rain and more rain?! ya gotta love oregon
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And it's even wet over here on the east side of Oregon. Normally we are dry and warm through mid-October...not this year.
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