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Back from 'lunch' (needing advice on used skis)

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I find myself living between Whistler and Baker after 15 years of skiing bullet proof hills back east and a decade off in between. Everything I knew about skis ten years ago seems about as relevant as kite specs to a Kosmonaut. Funds have me unable to buy anything new right now and I can't find much info on any gear made 3 and 4 years ago.

I'm an adv.int - expert skiier (or should be again, soon). I'm 6 ft tall but maybe 165 lbs, now. I'm looking for something with near the liveliness as my old Volkl Targa R's -(*sigh*), that are nimble in SR turns but don't necessarily have to track as incredibly well thru high speed Super G turns -(skiing weekdays now, and w/the g'friend). I rented Screams last year at Baker and found them pretty disappointing.
I remember what a lot of Rossignols, Dynastars, K2s, Atomic, Blizard, Olins and Fishers USED to be like but I've read enough to suspect new days have dawned for a lot these Co's.

In short; I need a lively pair of good all around used boards and I haven't a freakin' clue ! Please HELP !!!

(much thanks, in advance)
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Try some stocklis [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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what sreams did you rent last season, they have several up to the scream series a yellow ski with the prolinks front & rear, this is one of the best selling skis for the past few seasons, I think the most common rental is a scream 700 it is blue, not much of a ski but for 10.00 bucks a day thats all you get, after that the next question would be what did you not like about them, its all in the details you know.

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Originally posted by Jay Bell:
...and a decade off in between.
Yep, that's why you'll find any modern ski "disappointing". 10 years ago, skis had almost no sidecut, were very stiff, narrow, less damp, and virtually impossible to carve on. They required entirely different technique. Either go out and spend a couple days on demo skis and take some lessons to learn the new technique, or find some new-old-stock straight skis.

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Thanks for the replies so far, guys ...

The Screams I tried were two seperate pair -both said to be their most top of the line all-mountain boards - (the Disco cosmetics w/all them stabilizer bar-struts). I knew skiing Volkls for years would spoil me, I just didn't realize how much. For the last few runs that day I tried a pair of light gray Volkls that had been returned by another skiier (who'd rented their only pair) and Holy-Pow! were they ever everything I'd ever dreamed of in a ski. They were fun-as-all-hell in the bumps, floated dreamily on the fresh stuff and tracked like they were on rails, at speed. They had no other cosmetics to speak of but at a Grand a pair, it's probably best I not remember them too well, for now.

I've read about these Atomics - 9:18, which seem to do a lot of what I'm looking for. They're said to compare favorably with Head's Cyber 24s and Cross Ti's. Have any of you skiied on earlier models (or forerunners) of these .... or the Head X-40s, Volkl G20s or Fisher V Carves which seem to cover the same territory (?) I'm reading where K2s are a lot more responsive than they used to be and after the Volkls I'm partial to the snap of a well made wood ski. (Olins, anyone ?)

I finally found shells that'll fit my foamed liners and I don't even wanna get into some of the changes that've gone on w/bindings, but ... the skis, Boss..... THE SKIIIS !!!

-Thanks again, and in advance.
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I would say go out and learn the new technique, then demo some of the new skis. After you've done the above, look on ebay or at your local shop for skis from last year. Many manufacturers will simply change the name and graphics of a ski and call it "new", so you can get last year's model (usually discounted).
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