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Anyone familiar with Okemo?

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My wife, our kids (9 and 7) and I are planning our first trip to Okemo in 2/05 (the Presidents' Day week). We are thinking of staying at Jackson Gore Inn. I am an advanced skier and the rest of the family members are intermediate. The kids love to swim after skiing. Also, we would like to cook during while we stay. Here are my questions:
1) Is there any advantage/disadvantage of staying there (Jackson Gore side) compared with other parts of the resort, i.e., Okemo Mountain side? Is there better alternative?
2) How easy is it to go back and forth between Okemo Mountain and Jackson Gore Mountain?
3) Any suggestions/warning, etc. would be appreciated.

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My son and I stayed at Jackson Gore last March. We had a regular hotel room so I don't know about the cooking, but the swimming pool and Jacuzzis we're great. They have a huge heated outdoor pool. You actually get into the pool iside and swim out so you're never cold. They have two Jauzzis outside by the pool and one inside.

Okemo, you should know, will be very busy at that time. The good news is that it's a big mountain and if you're careful about when you go where, you shouldn't have too many horrendous lines. Starting out from Jackson Gore and getting to the main mountain is easy and getting back to Jackson Gore is not hard either. Skiing Jackson Gore from top to bottom is intermediate, but probably upper intermediate. As of last year, there was one main blue run that got the most traffic and it could get kind of bumped out and scraped in the afternoons from all the skier traffic.

Also, last season was the first for the JG Inn and they were not quite together. Not enough bell men: we had to wait forever to get our car and check out. Plus no dataports in the rooms, or anywhere for that matter, which was a problem for me as I had to get some work done.

Another fun family thing at JG Inn; you can order dessert from the restaurant or bar and have it served in the lobby in front of the big fireplace.

All in all a positive experience and a good family place. Plus the JG side and day lodge will definately be less crowded than the base lodge.
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I like Okemo..alot. It is not a "hard" mountain, but it is a "fun" mountain. Alot of blue trails with bumps, but perfect zipperline bumps. "Forrest Bump" is a good gladed trail. Avoid the main high speed quad. Loooong lift lines. If you need to do some "Black Diamonds", Bear Mountain is about 30 minutes up 100.
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You have to do some skating while going to and from Jackson Gore and they only have a small section on a 2 way run to get through which can get interesting when it is crowded.

Other then that I love Okemo for cruising and blue bumps.

You may get bored after a few days but your other family members will have a blast.
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Thank you for the information. Sounds like a great place, which obviously makes the place popular. Then, another question: Is there any tip that you could share with me? For example, skiing a certain area in the morning, and them move to another in the afternoon to avoid the crowd ... You may not want to broadcast it here if you actually go there, but let me try.
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PM Max Capacity as he is a ski ambassador there.

Maybe he will share a secret or two.
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I've always found the best way to try and avoid the crowds is to get there early and get out on the trails before the crowds arrive. Stay away from the base lodge and associated lifts. Go into lunch early and then leave around the time everyone is coming in. Good luck with Okemo. My wife tried and didn't enjoy the experience as much as she had hoped. Too many New Yorkers and strange layout. I've never been there so can't personally comment.


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My similar inquiries re MLK weekend last year produced a thread which may be of interest: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...ght=ts01+okemo

We did go for that weekend despite advice to the contrary and had a great time. It was cold as could be but we just set the alarms and had a great time. Northface Express (?) -- the express quad -- did get crowded after 9 a.m. but with singles line it was not too bad. But mostly we did Northface from 8 - 9 a.m., then headed to the south area and had zero lift lines. Northface was all crowded during 9 - 3 pm times. We never got over to Jackson Gore b/c we stayed at the other side of the mtn and had plenty to do (with kids 8-11 age range) on south face.

Fun runs: Defiance (off Northface lift); Triple Sec ( off glades peak lift) and Punchline (off south face express).

Solitude area - near Jackson Gore - was a snooze.

Wish we'd gotten over to JG but the timing just didn't work for reasons that now escape me. But bottom line, even if it's a crowded holiday period, Okemo was fine, if you get up and get going.
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Thank you so much for the information. Frankly, I am inclined to go to somewhere else to avoid crowd, but my wife wants to try it since we hear good things about the place. For the last two years, we skiied at Attitash/Bear Peak and really liked it, but we would like to see more variety in terms of intermediate-level slopes.

Well, compared with Japanese ski resorts, waiting lines in any place here seem not so bad anyway.
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I actually think Attitash is way more crowded and has a horrible lift system when it's busy compared to Okemo.

Bear Peak is not as busy but there aren't that many runs over there.

Okemo may have more people overall on a Saturday but it doesn't feel that way because of the layout.

I think Attitash is a zoo.
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Hey Manza,

Okemo is a nice place but it will be crowded on Prez. Day Weekend. Not sure about the rest of the week. I guess you have already decided, but if I were you I would do Killington/Pico which has a lot more variety. You can ski Pico over the weekend which is usually not very crowded and do Killington the rest of the week.

That said, I must insert caveat that I have never been to Killington during that week. And Killington is a real zoo on weekends and holidays, but during the week it is a gem.
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I guess it's all relative. Scalce, you are right about Attitash. We stayed at the base hotel of Bear Peak and skiied on that side mostly. Once or twice a day, we ventured out to Attitash, but did not stay there too long. Mainly becuase we wanted to avoid people. But, skiing for one week mostly in Bear Peak is too boring. Okemo seems to offer more variety for our kids.

Another important thing is heated pool. Thank you, crank, for the information. Our kids often seem more interested in swimming than skiing although their parents are spending money on ski vacation!!! Well, as far as they are having fun, I should be happy. Looks like the Jackson Gore place has a nice pool, so they will definitely have fun there.
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Originally Posted by TerpSKI
That said, I must insert caveat that I have never been to Killington during that week. And Killington is a real zoo on weekends and holidays, but during the week it is a gem.
I have. Many times. Killington is not particularly busy from early afternoon on President's Day Monday through about 11:00 on Friday. The weekends on either side of that week are very busy.
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Mt. Tremblant: Disney of the North, is a great place for a family for a week. Big mountain lots of blues. Lots of shops and restaurants. Plenty of condo units. Get the favorable exchange rate. Park the car for the week. Long ass drive. Cold as S#%!. Oh, they've got this aqua club called La Source that your kids will drag you to every night. No idea about crowds that week; we usually go in March.
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Okemo is fun, you'll have a great time. I've never been impressed with the Jackson Gore side but I'm sure the inn is nice (expensive though!). We stayed at the condos right by the main lodge and they were probably the nicest condos we stayed in and they were truly ski in/out. It's easy to figure out the crowds, look where they're going and go the opposite way

For more variety, I think Sugarloaf or Sugarbush are really fun. They both have great terrain, great condos, and both have health clubs that boasts pools, jacuzzi's, tennis courts, etc.

It's a holiday weekeend and schoold vacation week so anywhere you go will be more crowded than usual. However, if you survived Attitash during this time period then I'm sure you will have fun anywhere. The first time I tried to go to Attitash, it was so crowded we couldn't even push our way into the lodge so we packed up and went down the street to Bretton Woods. At the time, we weren't really ready for Bear Peak yet.

Have fun where ever you decide to go.
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Thanks for the info. I guess we have to try it anyway.

We have decided to go to Jimminy Peak during MLK weekend, and Okemo during the February week.

No matter where we go, we know we cannot avoid the crowd. But, again, having lived in Tokyo, I could take any long waiting lines in Vermont. Believe me.

Thanks again, every one for your input.
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