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2 Ski Quiver

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What would be a complimentary ski for my Fischer RX8's 170's if I were to run with a 2 ski quiver?

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well, what are you looking for in a second pair? I skied the Fischer RX8Fti (I think it was, the rail flex system one) last year and really liked em, but had a few other skis as well. The Fischers were a pretty good all around ski, and I didn't have much to complain about with them (although I liked my PE's more in the bumps). Are you looking for a race ski? a play ski? powder ski maybe? teaching/learning ski? or just another all around cruiser?

These are all things that come into play.
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Thanks for the reply. I too love the RX8fti. I am looking for maybe something a little less demanding. Not that the RX 8 is a problem just something to have even more fun with. So the answer would be an All Mountain Cruiser that is a lot of fun.

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Thought about a midfat (75-80mm waisted) twin like the 1080? Decent performance and something a little different to play around with.
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Dynstar Omecarve 9 has recently gotten great reviews. Same with Elan S-8 Fusion.

I've demo'd a few Elan skis. I'd call the S-8 a very easy fun ski. Last years Elan M-10 was a stable confidence building ski, an the Elan 662 was a blast in the slush. I really like Elan's mid level stuff, but you may not! Demo's are definately warranted.

I demo'd the Omecarve 10 as well, and contrary to the opinion that heavy skiers won't like it, I did. Realskiers said the 9 is good in bumps, which is an attractive feature for me. I'd certainly demo the 9 and 10 given the chance....
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How about Dynastar's Intuitive 74. It's less demanding that the RX 8, and with the 74mm waist gives you something a little different for softer snow days w/o giving up alot on hard snow. This ski's available at pretty decent prices on ebay since it's been replaced in the Dynastar line by the new Legend series.
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