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I spent the day skiing on the new sticks form k2 and come back with nothing but good stuff to say. The line while not drasticly changed has beened zoned in a bit and I think they have nailed it this time!
The Axis XR is taking the place of the Mach line. I skied this ski in a 168 and a 181. These are two very diffent skis, the 168 is a short turn machine that can hold its' own on GS turns if you can hold on! The 181 takes some serious effort and speed to turn short! While short turns can be made with the 181 it likes to make long GS turns at a high rate of speed. The ski comes with a built in 13MM plate that gets the foot off the snow to prevent boot-out and stiffens the ski just right without over-powering the skier.
More reviews to come as time allows! [img]smile.gif[/img]