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Foot Beds?

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what is a Foot bed, i have been reading it all over the place and no body explains what it is?

anybody explain it to me?:
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Last year I had Planters Facitis (spelling?) and was advised to get some foot beds. It is an inner sole that replaces the inner sole in your current shoes or ski boots. Medical foot beds were going to cost about $200 so I went to the local ski shop and he made a pair for me for $100. He picked out a sole that approximated my foot size. The sole was heated and then I stood on them on a machine until they cooled and were formed to my foot and cut to size. The new foot beds were then sent off to add some material on the bottom and finish making the foot beds.
It amounts to a sole that is now custom fitted to the bottom of your foot providing good arch support and good support for the entire foot. I put them in my regular shoes and transfer them to my ski boots or golf shoes. It was a wise investment. They are a year old and I expect them to last a couple more years. The Planters Facitis is much better. Planters Facitis means that the bottom of my feet, (the bone) really hurt making it very difficult to even walk.
If your feet or even your back hurt after skiing, foot beds can really help.
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Don't ask, don't question it. Just buy them, they will improve your performance. You can worry about all the techincal justification later.
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best cheap ski boot investment i have ever made. Just do it!

Oh by cheap i mean $100, not cheap like Dr. Scholls : ....Go custom
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If you pull out the "padded" piece inside of a shoe or ski boot, that thin pad is the footbed. If you put it on the floor and step on it, you'll see exactly how much support it gives your foot (none!). The boot board (the piece of plastic inside the boot that the footbed sits on) is a hard, flat piece of plastic. The footbed provided with the boots is almost always a complete joke. Usually about 1/8" of flat padding. The boots I got last year (Lange 130s) did have a more substantial footbed, but still not to the level of a custom footbed. With the stock footbed, you are standing on a flat piece of plastic (with some padding) and trying to manipulate a 5+ foot long ski that is sliding across on in the snow at speed.

The footbeds that they make for you in a ski/boot shop are usually made of cork, foam or a hard plastic. Some of them start at the front of the arch and go back from there (a lot of times, this is what you get if you get footbeds from a Dr), but I would highly recommend full-foot footbeds. The most common are cork Superfeet(brand) footbeds.

They support your arch and the entire bottom of your foot, so that when you stand on your foot, your foot and ankle don't roll in or out. Using footbeds will make your feet warmer and more comfortable because they reduce the pressure points, fill gaps and give space where needed.

I have 3 pair of them. I use one pair to swap between my golf shoes, bike shoes and rollerblades. I have another pair in my snowboard boots and my best pair is in my ski boots. They will last many years, so it's a great investment. The pair I have in my bike shoes is from 1989, and they are still in great shape. You might even be able to get your insurance to pay for it, or at least write them off on your taxes as medical costs (yeah, I know... that whole % of AGI thing...).

In ski boots, they put the entire bottom of your foot in contact with the bottom of the ski boot. That way, when you try to turn your feet and legs, the boot, and therefore, the ski will respond much more precisely and quickly than if your foot is slopping around in there. In general, they will greatly affect your skiing (for the better), not to mention making you more comfortable.
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They are the best invention since sliced bread. Get them. It custom shapes the bottom of your boot to the bottom of your foot, maintains your foot in the proper position, and lets you ski the way you are supposed to. It improves control, and gives you power steering buttons under foot!. As Tony would say "They're Great." Get them. I had cork ones in my last boots, they could be a problem if your an air-puppy landing a lot of jumps on rock-hard cold snow/ice. My current ones are some sort of heated and molded plastic material. Both work.
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Check out "SKIING winter adventure" October 2004 page 172 for info on all types of footbeds.

For me, custom footbeds make my skiing feel like I have power steering.
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