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Technical advice for SL Skis-FIS, please.

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My 14 year old (164cms, 56kgs) has just competed in his first season of FIS.
I've been following your threads on detuning, edge and base angles and am particularly interested in turning radius.
For SL he is on Kneissl Red Star (2004) 166cms, R-13.5m, (111-64-96), 16mm riser plate and Marker comp 1400 bindings.
His coach's general recommendation is a 87 degree edge angle which he applies full length.
He is an aggressive, fit, keen skier for his height/weight and is working very hard to turn these skis. Sometimes the outside ski extends out too far.
With all the variables available, what would you recommend? Detune? Change angle, or should we look for a smaller radius SL ski (if so, what do you recommend?). Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.
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by all means ask everyone here for their opinions. I would say that for his age & wieght his ski is too long. unless you are on the world cup their are allowances for the 165 cm rule & if my math is correct he is 123 lbs.
I am at 140 lbs -ish & am only on a 160 cm ski (& no where near world cup)
What I would do is contact PJ @ racestock sports (www.racestocksports.com).

PJ is an actual world cup ski/boot tech who sets up hundreds of academy kids & us wannabees old folks. Not only will he have the best advise, he is more up to date on current FIS regs. Best of luck to your son this season
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You're going to get much more informed thoughts than mine, if you're lucky, but:

I'm assuming you're not in the US, since you use those weird European units to measure a human being's height and weight. I think they translate to about 5'5" and 123-124 lbs.

The length sounds a bit long to me also, at least for someone that size. I suspect that's because you have a minimum length wherever you are. If not, you might want to go shorter.

You could go for a smaller sidecut radius (technically, not "turning" radius) also. However, most SL skis in that length are probably around that sidecut, or not a lot different. The Atomic SL9 has a bit bigger sidecut (aka smaller radius), but at least in the US they jump from 160 to 170, so if you've got a 165 limit you'd need to go even longer - though even the 170 has a bit smaller radius at about 12 meters.

Another consideration is how stiff the ski is. I don't know anything about those Kneissls. If they're built for adult racers, they'd be awfully stiff for a 124-pound kid. Which could have the effect of making them hard to turn.

An 87 (or, measured the other way 3) degree side bevel is probably more-or-less standard. Whether to try detuning the tip and tail a little, I leave to others.
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From the clues you have given us, my guess is that he is not able to bend the ski sufficiently.
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Thanks for your responses and the link to Racestocksports, it looks like a great source of information and gear (added it to favourites).
My son went from a 150cm Elan SL ski to this 166cm length due to FIS rules this year.
The training group he's in compete in all of our FIS races, and he's one of the youngest and doing OK, better in GS, (Kneissl, White Star, 183cm - they rip and he bends those). Height/weight/strength is probably an issue, because he was better at SL last year. When I read the thread about 'Get off those edges', and detuning, it made me wonder if detuning shovel and tail would make the ski a little more manageable, or have I got it wrong?
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Why Kneissl?

Don't. don't detune
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Kneissl because while on a northern winter camp in Austria his coach organised them for him. I've had difficulties in acquiring performance skis in the past and even though the camp organisers usually say that the guys will be able to try/demo different skis, boots, waxes etc for comparison, it hasn't really happened so far.
Kneissl is supposedly making a comeback into the racing scene. My son likes the GS ski very much.
Any suggestion for other brands? Stockli Laser?
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i am 14 i ski 165 salomon world cup with zz plate they turn fine. i am also 117 lbs
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thes skis also have a big side cut 119 like 64 105 it around 12 to 13 meter radius
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Thanks Jo, I've just had a look at the Salomon website. Are you on the Equipe 10 3V RACE PWA SL? 165cm, 112-65-100, Radius 11.5 ?
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What it sounds like is that he attempts to crank his turns by throwing his weight inside. By having wieght on the inside ski, the outside ski tends to drift away. What he should work on is keeping his weight more centred over both feet, and use knees more than hips. This will deliver more power to his turns, and will eliminate this issue. His coach should be on this...
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yes romy the race stock version i skied them this summer after i broke my arm. there so easy to carve and hold well also extreamly quick even with out poles and a gimpy arm. i recomend the skis. mine come tomarro in the mail gs sl to pairs of each.

also if you have anny questions. just find out who your local rep is and they will hook you up with the skis you need at a good price. or just give you information
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