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Good shops for kids' skis in New England?

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I'm planning on buying skis for my kids (ages 8 and 6) this season, and trading them in with a 50% buyback as needed in future years.

Does anyone out there have any recommendations for good shops in New England that offer this kind of deal? I know Rogers in Lincoln, NH has a deal like this starting at $200 for an entire setup, with several choices of brands (skis, boots, bindings, poles). Any place else I should look?

Preferably, the shop would be somewhere on the corridor between Boston and Loon Mtn, since we live in the Boston area (Newton) and have passes at Loon. That would make shopping, pickup, etc. simpler. But if there's a great deal to be had elsewhere, I'd consider going farther.
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I beleive that Summit Ski & Snowboard, formerly Ski Shop, has some kind of buyback program.

I am not sure on the costs and specifics but give them a call.

Ask for Teddy at the Framingham store or John at the Danvers store.
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Ski Haus

You could always try the Ski Haus in Wilmington. It's a family run place on Route 129 - I think 2 exits north of Route 128 on I-93. They have another store in tax-free Salem, NH (exit 1 off I-93) as well, so if you're making a big purchase you might be able to pick up the stock in NH and save the tax.

I've had good luck there and would definitely recommend them. I was looking for a specific ski, in a specific length last year, and they called their other shop looking for it - nothing in stock. They then proceeded to name the other dealers in the area that might have the length I wanted in stock.
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Summit Ski & Snowboard has a great kids program.
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Zimmerman's in Nashua NH typically has a lease program where the kids get a whole outfits: skis, boot, bindings (obviously), and poles for the year. I do not know the cost, but I know people have always said its very reasonable.
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kids trade up programs

Bob Skinners in Sunapee NH has a trade up program,
no affiliation.
This is also the time of year to start finding the pre season ski sales, keep your eyes open.
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Skinners does have the best kids deals going. Ask for Frank.
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You could also consider Ken Jones in Nashua, NH, right over the border and off of Route 3.

They also have a 50% buyback within 2 years. I paid closer to $250 for a complete package, but I did go up a bit from the cheapest boots they had so YMMV.
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