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Walkie talkies

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Motorolas work pretty well.
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Walkie talkies

Anybody have recommendations in regard to walkie talkies?
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The walkie talkies carried by professionals on the hill are a different world from the cheap "talk-a-bout" radios so popular with recreational skiers now. You have to get an FCC license for the powerful radios. Those cutsy little radios with all the paging features and stuff are cheap but only average .5 to 1 watt, and if you are line-of-site to your comrade . . . all is ok, but drop behind a ridgeline and all bets are off. You can buy up to a 2 watt radio without getting a frequency license, for a couple of hundred bucks. The Motorola I was carrying for my ski area last year runs around $800, is 5 watts in addition to hitting the ski area repeaters - giving us about a 50 mile range on the long distance channel, and about 10 on the regular on-hill channels.

Those little radios are starting to become more annoying than cell phones on the slopes, you hear every other yahoo chiming each other to point out the cute ski bunny they see boarding the lift!

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Gravity: You can buy a VHF 5 watt hand held about the same size that the partol carries, for about $100. No license is required.

I have one for marine use. The FCC pulled a good one about five years ago. They knew that deregulation was imminent so they sent a notice out to all licensed users of a price increase "discount for a 3 year for only $100"......2 months after Congress signed the deregulation. We all sent in our checks for a license that was rendered useless.
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Geez - so why was our #&$*#%( mountain manager buying $800 radios and then telling us it was our heads if we lost them? Whats the advantage? The new Motorala 5 watts I had were the size of a pack of cigarettes - but that was just for supervisors, the others were still apparently $500 for big ones. Wonder why ski areas do that instead of what you did?

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My wife and I carry the little cutsy talkabout plus, and actually they work very well. Of course they work better at the smaller midwest ares, but we've had good luck with them at Vail, Crested Butte, Sun Valley and others. Yea if your skiing the back bowls and trying to call someone in the village they don't work, but we always manage to contact each other eventually.
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I saw the Motrola Walkabout, talkabouts ? on sale at Costco for less than $60.00.
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Eventually - and everybody else hears your beeps and calls meanwhile? I foresee a day when ski areas have to start enforcing rules on radios just like intelligent countries already do on cell phones.

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The "cutsie" radois have served me well for the past seasons (250's), I also have some of the long range motorola radios, while these do kick ass they are also a pain in the ass to strap on each time I go out. the smaller ones do just fine with the 2 mile range. Our ski school uses a radio similar to the 10x motorolas just a newer version.

so in the end save the $740 and go for the "cutsie" radios, or you can get a 5 mile motorola for about $250.
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Couls someof you list the actual name and model for the non-talkabout radios you are referring to? (and where I could look them up?

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Ok - did some homework, I just knew that my former bosses were too frugal to be spending $800 on a radio if something much cheaper would serve. Ends up the "Talk abouts" are not even in the same ballpark.

I carried a "Visar" last season. Go to http://www.mot.com/LMPS/RPG/NA/porta...sar/index.html and look at the specs sheet.

Then - the highest end "Talkabout" Motorola makes is the 280SLK, go to http://www.mot.com/LMPS/RPG/NA/porta...about_280.html and read the specs there.

I'm not saying the Talkabouts don't server their purpose well (that purpose being to pollute the quiet slopes with beeps and pages and inane conversation right? <g>) . . . I'm just saying they are not used by large ski areas for a reason.
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Hi all,
Just a few comments about the use of small radios: I bought a pair last year to keep track of my eight-year old (when she was with us) and for my gf to keep tabs on me while she hung in the lodge. Invaluable where the little one was concerned (not so sure about the gf part)

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I have found good prices and information on http://www.yesaccessories.com
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The best little (2-3mi range) radios I've found have been the Cherokees. You can get them on line for about $100 with a rechargable NiMH battery and charger. They are smaller than the Motorollas, seem to get a better range, and the button is on the side, where it belongs, not on the front like those da#n Talkabouts, where you have to cover the speaker and mic to push the button (if you can find it through your coat!).
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mack, Check out www.discountfamilyradios.com/ I used this site to purchase 2 280 slks and got good prices and service. Motorola has some newer models out that are not yet listed here. Go to www.Motorola.com for info on the newest radios. If you call Motorola there is one coming out soon that has an fm radio and a weather channels, compass, altimeter. The site norefjell mentioned has good info and prices.<FONT size="1">

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Thanks for the good sites LUCKY. I just bought two T6300's shown here and now I am looking into the best way to set-up our helmets with a PTT (push to talk) mic and earphone. What kind of ideas have you folks tried and any suggestions of best/simplest?

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