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I'm Proud as Hell.

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One of the big summer events in Jackson Hole is the annual LOTOJA bike race. LOTOJA stands for LOgan TO JAckson and runs from Logan, Utah to Jackson, Wyoming.

They re-routed the course this year because of major road construction in the Snake River Canyon, so this year it was 188 miles instead of the normal 203 miles. Because it was so "short" this year, they also re-routed it over two major passes instead of the more gradual pass that is usually on the route.

Anyway, my wife decided she wanted to try to do the race. She's been training during the summer, but not doing nearly as much biking as she should have (partly because I crashed on one of her training rides, blew up my elbow, and I haven't been able to ride for the last seven weeks).

I was her support crew. She started in Logan at 7:42am and finished in Alpine, WY, at 8:43pm. She averaged 14.5 miles an hour over 188 miles, 80-degree temps, headwinds (not for very far, thankfully), and three mountain passes.

Best of all, she was the oldest woman to finish the race (by eight years) and she was ready to party when she cruised through the finish line in the dark.

She's a major studette and I'm proud of her.

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good on her-
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Big congrats to Ruth!!!
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Congrats to the stud muffin!!!
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Is this like a road race, or more of a time-trial? Either way, 13 hours is a long time on a bike!
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188 miles? I can't drive that far!

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Jeff's not kidding!

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Double Centuries rock! Major Major accomplishment. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Way to go Ruth! And Bob, I won't tell her that you didn't think she'd get past Montpelier.

I heard one rider got clipped by a deer!
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Quite an accomplishment. I think you should be very proud of her. Congratulations.
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seriously impressive.

heck, 96 miles around Tahoe emptied my tank.

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I am beyond impressed! Very inspiring. Hope you did something special to show your awe and pride.

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Bob, do you know Doug or Cindee George?
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Incredable. I've only done 120 miles in one day and there is no way would I even consider going one more mile.

She deserves something special......A ski trip to the North East, in February.
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Originally Posted by Bryan
Incredable. I've only done 120 miles in one day and there is no way would I even consider going one more mile.

She deserves something special......A ski trip to the North East, in February.
I agree, I did 125 miles in 6 hrs 46 minutes in IL!! No steep hills to speak of. Excellent Job!!
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Congrats! An incredible feat (no pun intended). Think when folks were in awe of a marathon! (which i can't do)
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters

She's a major studette and I'm proud of her.

She is and you should be! :
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Bob, I always knew Ruth was tougher than me. Now I realize she is tougher then the both of us combined! As my orthopedic status wouldn't allow me to ride more than 50 miles or so and you can't ride any right now we are really WAY behind. Wait until I email the kids with this, they will be duely impressed!

Please tell Ruthy congrats for me. As soon as I get back home I will give her a call myself.
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way to go Ruth!

PS to Bob - at first glance I thought the thread title was "Proud of Hell" and I laughed to myself wondering what the post would contain.
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Bob, just a quick note from the other side of the hill to say congrats to you and your wife. BTW, did you have a green cast on your arm on Saturday? I saw someone at the finish who did and thought that might be you. But I was in daze at the finish.

Anyway, as you know the accomplishment is not only your wife's but yours also. All the training rides, Teton Pass hill climbs, "around-the-block" rides, time away from family, etc., does take commitments from both the rider and his/her family (just ask my wife).

Make sure that she gets a full recovery.

Tell your wife that I have some left over GU and Cytomax from Saturday if she is interested. I don't think I'll be having any for a while.

BTW for those of you who don't know, there where 4 passes, #1 @5500' at mile 45, #2 @6000' at mile 90, #3 @ 6950' at mile 121, and #4 @ 7650' at mile 133. Pass #4 had a 3.5 mile, 7.5% climb to the summit.

Again congrats. PM me so we can hook up over on the "quieter side".
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Congratulations! I did a week-long bike tour of my own in the Bighorn / Beartooth mountains of Wyoming this year; 80 miles a day over those mountain passes were enough to leave me wasted. I can't begin to imagine the suffering required for 180 miles.

I am in awe.
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I don't know Ruth personally, but I can sincerely say that what she just did gives her license to use the following slogan:


Way to go, Ruth!

sheesh, 50 miles is enough to subdue me. 188 miles is awesome!
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Congrats to Mrs. Peters!

While I never have even dreamed of entering, I have friends that have done it.
They are all serious cyclists & none of them finished their first try.
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Hey, everybody.

Mrs. Peters read through all of your comments and she really appreciates the support. This was a huge goal for her and she's still excited that she made it.

To expand on Harkin's comments slightly, I was reading on the LOTOJA website that the total vertical gain on the ride was more than 7,000 feet. That's the equivalent of biking from the base to the top of the Jackson Hole and the Snowbird ski areas combined. That's amazing.

Some specific responses:

epic: LOTOJA is the longest one-day sanctioned road race in the US. There are a lot of very serious bike racers who participate.

Bill Emmett: I had already told her about my Montpelier prediction. Boy, was I wrong! The leg from Soda Springs to Montpelier didn't have a huge amount of climbing, but it was into a pretty strong wind. That leg was her slowest average speed by a big margin. And yes, there was a biker/deer collision. I heard the rider was okay but couldn't continue. No word on the deer.

Lucky: We don't know them. Perhaps we should try to look them up?

Bryan: A ski trip to the Northeast, huh? She was, how shall I say, lukewarm about the thought of leaving Jackson Hole to go skiing in Vermont. Nice suggestion, though.

gonzostrike: Ruth is somewhat dyslexic. Are you?

Harkin: It sounds like you did the race too. If so, congrats to you as well! I did see the guy with the green cast, but that wasn't me. I have a big, clunky black brace on my arm. Ruth has a lot of leftover Cytomax also. She used something called HammerGel instead of GU. It seemed to work. Check your pm. Let's make some turns this winter.


That tour in the Bighorns and Beartooths sounds wonderful. Did you do Beartooth Pass on a bike? I can't even imagine riding up that, especially from the north.


Chicks do indeed rule.

So, thanks again to all of you. If any of you are thinking of doing something this crazy in the future, let me know. Ruth is hooked now and I don't see any way that I can keep her from trying again next year. :

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And silly me did a thread on the physical limitations of the weaker sex.

Color me corrected. Great job Ruth! This dog's impressed, and that's saying something.
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