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Nordica Race Stock skis

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Since there has been a few posts on racing skis and I haven't found much previously posted on the Nordica race skis, I am hoping someone has skied them and can compare/conrast them to other pairs such as Fischer or Head.
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I pro rep for Fischer, however, have a good friend who reps for Nordica. They make great skis!
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Ok I am hoping that someone has been on the Nordicas and can give me some feedback. I'm looking to get a pair of race skis, and I am leaning heavily toward laminate skis (Demo'd Fischers and Head RD last yr and absolutely loved them). I'm am able to get a discount on the Nordicas and if they ski any thing like the Fischer world cup GS or SL or Head GS RD (Didn't get to demo the Head SL) I would bite the bullet and pick them up.
Right now I'm looking toward a Slalom ski and if funds improve I will try to get the GS ski,

Any feedback, or advise on other skis to maybe look at, would be appreciated.
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My personal favorites are Volkl, but those Nordica's are the most powerful race ski I've ever tried. I would bet that they are the closest to an actual WC ski that is available to the public. Are you racing MACC this year? Those GS skis will be too much for Brighton or Pine Knob or anywhere down there. The SL's are VERY stable and have an almost GS type feel.... not snappy or whippy, but plenty quick.
You just want to be just like DJ........
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Yeah I'll be racing in the MACC and I would like to do some Masters races but I don't think there are any in Mich this year. I wouldn't even dream of running a race stock ski for the NASTAR courses down here.

Interesting you brought up Volkl's, I'll need another demo day to test all the skis that I haven't tried. jclose what is your take on the Volkl's? I haven't heard much about them, not to many people racing on them down here, not too many on Nordicas either. I'm looking for a stable ski(which all the race stock will be), but I would like to have a similar rebound as the Atomics SL 11 or Fischer Slalom. It's tough deciding on a new ski, so many options so little time.

Who's DJ?? Actually it would be nice to ski as fast as Cary Adgate, he raced last year and I would assume he is going to compete again this year.

Thanks again
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I tested all there race skis. There one of the bestout there, but i decided to go with salomon.
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what binding/plate set up do you use on the 3Vs?
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binding /plate on 3v

i hade that lab zz plate and compitition 9 16s of the zz interface i gusse is what they call there binding plate system.
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If you don't know who DJ is, you must not be who I thought you were..... I know a guy named Chip who raced in college at Michigan Tech (MTU) with a guy named DJ who skied on Nordica's. I thought it was too much of a coincidence.
Anyway... Volkl race stocks are great, but only on hard snow. The harder the better. Great edge hold, great snap, and very predicatable. The Nordica's and Atomics really "lock" into a turn shape for me. That's fine if you happen to be on the line you want, but I'm usually not. : The Volkls and Fischers allow you to adjust your line a bit, but the grip is still there when you need it.

I think there will be a masters race in Marquette again this season. C'mon up!
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I believe know the Chip you are refering to. Chris Dehlin raced on the MTU team for a couple of years, and went by the nickname of Chippy sometimes. He went through the same degree as me and it got a little confusing at times. Good guy, though he totally abandoned engineering and went to med. school.
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That would be him....
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