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Originally Posted by skiingman
...You should have been there when I was aggressively advocating for a couple of top-shelf women's boots at the buying meeting last spring. Unfortunately, women like you are few and far between. Many more women should be skiing in better boots, but many more "gaper" men buy boots that are beyond their needs.
Man, isn't that the truth. I put what seemed like hundreds of miles on my car last year shopping for boots, simply because I couldn't find high-end women's boots -- or, more than one pair in the same place. And I live in the Denver area, where you'd think it wouldn't be so tough.
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Boot Fit

I know what you are talking about when you say boot-bite in the instep. I have low insteps and a medium foot width and had a time trying to find boots that fit comfortably.

My advice to you would be to say no to those that won't show you a Lange that will fit, or maybe you should try a Technica. Boot manufacturers tend to build boots that consistently fit a certain shape of foot. If you can wear a Lange, you should be able to wear a Technica.

Most new boots have flex adjustments and some of them are adjustable on the fly. You may want to consider this aspect. My Technicas have flex and cant adjusters, but they require tools to perform the adjustments. I still love 'em.

If you have low insteps you will want to avoid Nordicas. I gave my last pair away - begged the guy to take them. I was actually bleeding at the end of the day.

Also, you can buy stiff, smaller shells and narrow linings, but these are race boots and leave you battered and cold at the end of the day. It is true that the shaped skis are more forgiving, but toe movement is toe movement, and if your foot is moving in your boot, your skis are doing their own thing; shaped skis are really very sensitive edge-to-edge. I do find that it becomes more important to keep the tops of the boots tight.

My wife bought a pair of boots a several years ago and we found that salesmen will tell you anything to get you into a pair of boots. Accept nothing less than a perfect fit. Good luck!
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Shin-bang in a lange boot...some things never change .

1. IMO if you can afford to go out west a couple of times a year you can afford to get boots that fit properly, don't settle until your happy with the fit.

2. Get the proper shell size.

3. There is something to be said for a slightly softer boot, but if the boot feels that drastically too-soft IT IS.

You could try these people out.

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It sounds like your shop guys are OK. Soft boots...I have had 2 pairs of the new, softer boots now, and I'm still not convinced. A colleague got me to tighten my power straps (2 handed pulling) and the improved ski response reminded me of my old stiffer boots. I'm still thinking of getting a rivet in the cuffs of my current boots (atomics) to stiffen them up. This is something you can do, if you find a boot that is good, but skis too soft. Women's boots are made a softer flex than the equivalent men's models, which doesn't help.
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"For those of you recommending Race Stock Sports, you both think he's near me, one of you says he's in Waterbury, but then why is the phone number on his site a Westminster number? That's near Brattleboro. :"

I'm not sure why you think it's a Westminster number... it's a cell phone I believe, the 578 exchange is a Verizon number. The shop is in Waterbury, about 20 minutes down the road from Inner Bootworks.

BTW... based on the date of your post this is probably irrelevant, but Benny is a good bootfitter. There is no doubt about that. How'd it all go?
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Thanks to everyone who keeps responding, but I posted an update about this at the end of September. If you're interested to see how it all turned out, see "UPDATE: Ski Boots: Is this true?" at http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=18940

Even if you don't care about how it turned out, I share a story of meeting Jimmy Cochran while I was at Inner Bootworks.

TheSkiGuy, I thought it was a Westminster number because if you look up the prefix in the phone book, it says it's in Westminster. Anyway, a moot point since I ended up getting set up by Benny and I am beyond happy! A reminder to stick with who I trust.
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