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Child Care

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Many of the resort web sites boast about excellent child care. I was wondering if anybody has had any experiences you would like to share dealing with resort child care. non skiing 3 years old and younger. Would like to hear comments on any of the resorts and would also like to hear specifically about Copper.
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best I ever saw was Lake Louise
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I just posted this in the Family Threads section:


Hello, an old college buddy of mine and I are getting together with the family we plan to head to Mammoth and need some input as far and day care goes. We each have a 18-24 month old child. My experiences with resort child care has been hit and miss. So any suggestion would be great.

My recommendations experiences for infant care:

Durango Mtn Resort: Blizzard Babies - awesome bunch. Staff has always been excellent and stayed on kid to staff ratio. Food is ok (chicken nuggets, mac n cheeze, fruit cups etc). Price reasonable about ~$70/day. We have used then several times with no probs.

Breckenridge: Kinderhut - sux completely. Small space, understaffed. Kids left in highchairs trying feed themselves. NEVER stayed on kid to staff ratio. Someone from staff was always going to restroom and be right back. Price about~$100/day. We had our child in for 3 days and decided to pull her out and never went back.
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We had a good experience with Deer Valley. That had a great indoor padded play ground and the bathrooms (toilets/sinks) for the toddlers were to their height, so if they were in training it was easy for them.

Also, they respected my wishes in terms of food. I know if you let them know in advance, they won't serve them junk (cookies etc).

I know they also had all the kids down for a nap, so they got their early afternoon rest. Hope that helps.
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DV pretty much wrote the book on child care. They have a whole wing at Snowpark lodge devoted to it. Infant to caregiver ratio is something like three to one. We've had kids left in the same diaper for half a day at other resort childcare places. Stuff like that just doesn't even begin to happen there. In the end the costs are the same as everywhere else give or take a couple dollars, so for us it was a no brainer. Their kids's ski school is amazing too.
In Utah, I'd avoid Canyons or Alta (unless something has dramatically changed) And PCMR doesn't offer childcare.
The Snowbird people are pretty proud of their childcare, I recall from an earlier thread.
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My wife and I have never had anything but good experiences with the child care at Big Mountain (Whitefish MR). He has been there since he was an infant and he is now 4. Our daughter who is now 2 was also there since being an infant. They really are great. Our son skiied for the first time last year at 3 1/2. They coordinate with the ski instructors and picked him up and dropped them off.
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