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Thule or Yakima

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I looking to replace roof rack system and was curious what everyone thinks regarding longevity and performance of the two companies products. I will be buying the feet and crossbars as well as ski and bike attachments. In your experience who makes the better product?
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I have friends who swear by both. I don't see much difference between the two myself. Get the best deal.
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Yakima for bike; Thule for boat; either for ski.
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Both are good. Go with whatever system your friends have. I went with Yakima because all my friends had it and that allowed me to borrow racks I rarely used when I needed them.
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I have a Thule. Most of the items will work on either company's bars. I know my Thule bike racks have a round section to fit the Yakima bars. I think there are a few features that Thule has that Yakima doesn't. But I think you can't go wrong with either one. My favorite ski shop carries Thule, that's why I have there system.
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Thule. Swedes rule!

Plus rectangular load bars make more sense to me than round ones do.
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Thule of course! I have to agree w/ xdog1's post (especially the part about Swedes).
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Hey, I married one, and we went to visit the whole clan in Sverige! That makes me biased I s'pose.
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Been using Thule for 15+ years. Good stuff. Sweden Rules!
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Thanks for the good info!!

Anyone ever had to deal with warranty issues with either company and if so did they handle the situation well?
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Look at Rocky mounts (www.rockymounts.com) for the bike. They will fit either bars, are less expensive than the Thule or Yakima, and several people I know swear they are better. Personally, I would go for a rooftop box rather than the ski racks- keeps all of the road grit off of your skis and holds all kinds of extra stuff, too.
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Yakima for heavy loads

Well, I've used both kinds. Presently, I've got a Thule because my Saab has special Thule specific mounting points.

If you think you might ever want to use the rack to carry something relatively heavy, go with Yakima. Over the years I've seen quite a few bent cross bars on Thule racks, but I've never seen a bent Yakima crossbar. Many years ago I loaded up a Yakima rack to the point that the towers started to deform the car roof, but the crossbars did not bend even slightly.

Another thing I liked about the Yakima ski rack was the way it folded down out of the wind so easily when not in use. When folded down the racks produced significantly less wind noise.
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I have delt with Thule in the past at the last store I worked at, I presently sell Yakima racks and IMO they are both very high quality racks. As far as warranty goes they are both excellent, so I would have to agree with Coach13, go with the best deal.
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I’ve used both Thule and Yakima. Be sure to check the specs on how they fit your vehicle. I had to switch from Thule rack to Yakima because there is no way to carry the skis with the mount specs they provide (for my Acura 3.2 TL). The distance between the bars is shorter than the length of the bindings. Also I believe that Thule US division differs a lot from the European division. It looks like they sell all the good stuff only in Europe. I was trying to get hold of their new slick design aluminum bars but it’s only for European sales.

I like Yakima rack setup better because it’s so easy to clip on and off, so I put the rack only when I need to and it takes only a few seconds to put it on. So on a work days you don’t have to carry the rack and its a better gas mileage and less wind noise. One negative side of Yakima design is that you have to be extremely careful when attaching Q towers to the bars. The rockers live a permanent mark in the plastic bar coating and it’s hard to put it in the right spot if you failed once (but they will send you the new bars for free if it will get to bad).

For the bike carriers I do prefer the Thule V2. They are so much easier to operate than Yakima Vipers. With V2 one turn of the locking cover does it all. With Vipers you’ll have to adjust the holding pressure every time you mount the bike.

So my choice is Yakima rack, Yakima ski carrier and Thule bike mounts.
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Thanks for all the great responses.

I found a discontinued Thule 751xt on Ebay that includes bars and locks and is nearly new dirt cheap so that is what I think I am gettting. Thanks for the advise regarding the Rocky Mounts. They have a bike mount that out of the box will fit onto the factory bars of my 4runner and the Thule bars that will be on the wifeys allroad. This seems to be the best option for the bikes because if I get yakima bike attachements I have to get the uprights which I do not want and if I get the Thule bikes I have to buy all this extra hardware to make the swap from the audi to the toyota. Have any of you used the Rocky Mounts Noose bike rack?

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