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Help choosing race slalom

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I have been considering buying the P50 SL (106-63-93) but have opportunity to buy last year's P40 (103-63-89). I plan to go long - 170cm for sake of versatility. I know no one has skied the P50 but thinking with more sidecut, it should probably be skied at 163cm (Volkl seems to be stiffer than other brands). Still considering the Head and 9.16. Got a vote for the Head in another thread. I'm worried about 9.16 bending in moguls where I take all my skis. Never had a problem with metal laminates but I hear to avoid the metal channels?
Oh, I'm 165 lbs, level 8 I guess, and age 40. This ski is for club racing, and every other hardpack situation, including bumps.
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Is this for full contact slalom racing or easy slalom club racing? I just added a Stockli Laser SC to my quiver for club racing, in a 178cm. You might consider the 168, for more of a strickly slalom ski. Supposedly one of the best club level racing skis available. Stockli also makes a Laser SL, full blown race slalom.
The Atomic 9.12 is a shorty slalom worth investigating. I went with the Stockli just to be different.
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I have the 2001-'02 Head that I got at the end of last year. I found it to be a good balanced ski - nice in the course and fun the rest of the day. One race last year we had lots of fresh snow (about 6 inches) and the Heads did great. Some other racers on the Rossi's were doing face plants as the tips dove in. BTW, I'm a litle heavier but have it in a 170. One other question - who do you race for? One of the BAC clubs? SL or OL?
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I think that you are asking a whole lot for a ski. Something that is good in the gates and has lots of shape is probably going to be lacking in the bumps...... I'm too old to be a bumper... so take that with a grain.

The Stockli is a full on gate ski with a huge 108 shovel ........... the Volkl SL is a bit tamer but still a lot of fun (102 shovel).... I ski both axc @ 172 and Volkl @ 170 and my weight is 172.

In a few weeks I may get to try the Laser SL hopefully in a 156.

Last March I paid $249 for my Volkls so you should be able to get a great deal.... when in doubt buy two pair! More is always better!

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I'm leaning to a straighter shape so I can stay at 170cm for versatility (never thought I would say 170cm is old school). Second thoughts on those Volkls though, asking $375. Guess that is not much of a deal for last year's version. No one is carrying race skis in CA anymore, demo is extremely unlikely. Not much bargaining power when the shop has to order 'em.
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You should also check out www.fischerskis.com
while you are looking around for SL race skis.
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You're right that demo is difficult if not impossible. When the shop ordered my Heads last year, I got a decent price, because he didn't have to worry about them staying on the shelf. Try to find a friendly shop and you might get a deal.

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