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Bootfitters in Toronto

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Just wondering if anyone happens to know of excellent Bootfitters in the Toronto area;someone who can also create footbeds.

Would appreciate some response.

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There is a Superfeet bootlab in London at Source For Sports. Guys know thier stuff.

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Tek-Sport in Barrie does custom foot beds.
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skiis and biikes in misterandmississaugua can do footbeds too.
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try skis and bikes or sporting life
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Corbetts in Oakville, Sporting Life, & Sign of the Skier, can all do footbeds. Just try and get someone with experience to make them.
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A few years ago I had footbeds made and boots modified at Sherway Sporting Life by a guy named appropriately David McAlpine. I have since parted with the boots, but the footbeds fit my new boots and still fit great.

No complaints with their service.
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Mr delta had footbeds done with Jesse at Sign of the Skier. (My footbeds were made by Steve in Utah -- yay!)

I'm on the hunt for small ski boots, and Sign of the Skier is still in summer configuration. A couple of people recommended Skiis and Biikes, and another had a recommendation for Kenmark Ski Shop in Richmond Hill. I'll be stopping in on those places in the next few days -- both recommended sooner rather than later for small/special sizes. I'll let you know about my experiences.
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A gentleman I work with by the name of Andy Price is an amazing bootfitter and can create custom footbeds. If you don't have any luck in TO give us a try in Niagara Falls.

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+1 on Andy Price.


I am a 20+ years certified level II CSIA instructor.


I have had several people work on my boots over the years, including a guy who fitted boots at the National Team level.


A couple of seasons ago I went to see Andy. 


He was the first one to build up the arch side of my footbeds with hard material to get me standing dead flat (as opposed to always on my inside edges), which dramatically improved my skiing, after years with the same problem!!!


For as long as he's still around I'll never trust my bootfitting to anyone else.




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Double post....

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