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The right to arm bears

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Too bad poochie didn't put one in his head. GD punk ass hillbilly.
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There are no Chinese restaurants in Pensacola?
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Having a lot of family that lives in P-cola, I have to agree w/ Xdog! I work with Irish Setter rescue and I could tell you a lot of sick and sad stories. I only wish the dog could have hit his balls! Fortunately, it looks like this A-hole is getting charged as a felony. Typically, these scumbags only get misdemeanors.
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Can they neuter some dog owners?
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Originally Posted by Lucky
Can they neuter some dog owners?
...And gun owners
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Glad to see a few stand up for the underdog!(Sorry for the pun!)

I just wish more people would develop that type of animosity towards the way many fellow humans are treated daily!
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feallan, humans do these things to other humans who are supposed to have the ability understand thier actions. Dogs, cats and other animals who are routinely tortured and abused by these "superior" animals are innocent victims of simple brutality. I do care for humans but when was the last time you heard of an animal attacking a human for fun? Pit bulls are wonderful dogs and I know many that are gentle; it's the barbaric and sadistic owners who make them turn mean and aggressive.

Fox, what's wrong with gun owners? I think this guy woud have drown or run over these dogs if he didn't have access to a gun.
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Here's something you don't hear me say very often....I agree with xdog.
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