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Powder skis...

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Seth; Labor day sales are the thing. You can usually pick up used rentals for about $300-350 with bindings in good shape at the shops in Park City. Look for prices of $400 or less on last year's skis. Gart sports has a huge tent sale called SNIGRAB {backwards for bargains} that starts around labor day and goes for a couple weeks. get there early.
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When is Labour Day in the US?

I will be arriving at the end of November/beginning of December.
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Come on Seth! You've got to learn our holidays if yer gonna come over and ppppoach our ppppowder
Should also find out about Prez Day, so you'll know when not to be at Alta/bird or PCMR.
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You weren't much help there, were you?
I mean, a tourist wants to visit your country, asks a valid question, and all you do is tell them to find out!
I think that was why he was asking the question!

Seth, the answer is: Labor Day (look, I even spelled it correctly) is the first Monday of September.
Here's some more info on it...
U.S. Department of Labor web site

...and President's Day is the third Monday in February. There are differing opinions about it (I checked a couple of web sites, one run by a US Embassy in Europe, and the information didn't tally), but here is a link for more info...
President's Day at

Hope this helps.

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Actually, Alta has been really quiet the last few seasons, even President's week. Nobody wants to see 20 minute lines at Sugerloaf again, but Last season I rode the chair with a marketing person who was interesed in knowing what Alta could do to make the resort more user friendly, etc. She was a former mogels pro.I rode the chair with a couple of retired pros last year; I don't know what the circuits are called, but for every Micah Black there must be dozons of others that aren't so famous. It seemed the last few seasons were a locals-mostly playground. I enjoy sharing Alta. There are always too many SPOREs on Sugerloaf, and Ballroom will always be full of powderbeaters, but most of the real competition for the pow stashes comes from other locals. And those kids who come to work at Goldminers who grew up in Vermont and Oregon and New Zealand and stuff.
P.S. I was up on the traverse above Eddie's High Notch last season, I'd stepped up off the track to rest after the hike, but appearently not high enough cause a group of hotsh*t kids blew by and the last one said, "no stopping on the traverse"- That's MY line! Sigh!getting old.. welcome to Utah, Seth../ Bob

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Powder skis...

I am heading over to Utah for the season in a few months.

There is no need for powder skis in Australia I have no idea as to what is out there in this segment of the market.

Just wondering so that if I see any good end of season sales I might be able to pick up a bargain.

Thanks. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Seth where are going to be staying in Utah?
As for powder skis They are great to add to a quiver It's nice to have that float on those days when we have da deep stuff. For almost all your skiing you will want a good all mountain mid fat something from 68mm to 74mm should do fine as an every day ski.
I've been looking around in a lot of diffrent shops this summer checking on bargin skis So far the best deals seem to be at Utah Golf and Ski or is it Ski and Golf? Phone 801 355-9088. They had some new in plastic Head Monsters for around $350.00 US. They also have a ton of Used Gear but you have to really look at what they have a lot of thier used skis are almost used to death. Gart Sports sale labor day weekend is always a good sale. But I have seldom seen Powder boards there. You might want to call the people at Arcs ski shop small shop here in Park City 435 658-0707 Have some usally have some good deals on last years gear They are good guys and They do great ski tuning. You may want to check out buying on line soem of the Canadian retailers have had some great deals.
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I will be living in Park City and working at Deer Valley.

I have some Axis X Pro in 174. They are awesome. I will be taking them with me.
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I am only wondering because I was having a look in some ski shops here and saw the Pocket Rocket. I couldn't believe how wide it was. Made my skis look like they were XC skis.
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Seth, there are a number of Bears in the PC/SLC area; its a geat place to ski anytime. Bonus, this year the Bears are doing the annual thing at SLC (last time I checked) in Feb. Hope to see you there.

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Your Axis Pro's should serve you fine there. I ski the Axis X in 181 and they have served me fine on Pow Dazes. Wait until you get settled at PC and the locals will help you out. PM Utah49 I believe he is a PC local and a member of this forum.

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I know that the Axis Pros would get the job done but I would also like to get some new skis.

What do people think of the following skis:
  • K2 AK Launcher </font>
  • Atomic R-EX </font>
  • Salomon AK Rocket Pilot</font>
  • Salomon Pocket Rocket (already know a fair bit about this ski) </font>
  • Bandit XX </font>
  • Bandit XXX </font>
  • Volkl Vertigo G4 </font>
  • Fischer Big Stix 84 </font>

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If you like the Axis X Pro, then try this year's model, the AXP - it's fatter.

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SInce you already have a reasonably fat everyday ski, I'd get a megafat pow ski such as:
Volkl V-Explosiv
Atomic Big Daddy
Kneissel Tanker
Fischer Big Stix 104 (or is it 106)

I ski the XXX as my Pow ski and it is a great ski and suprisingly good on the front side. Even skiable in bumps though it's not much fun.
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I agree - if you go with something like the G4 that can handle everyday conditions at Alta as well as powder, you probably won't use your other skis at all. To make it a more useful quiver, I'd find something REALLY fat to use on powder days.

In addition to the fat skis listed above (it's Big Stix 106, BTW), I'd think about some Atomic Powder Rides.
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I am interested in Atomic Powder Rides, but when I go into the Atomic website they do not appear to be listed. Are the Powder Rides still in production?
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If they're not being made this year(I don't know one way or the other), you may have some luck finding last year's model. I know the rental shop at Goldminers at Alta had them last season as demos.
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I have recently bought a pair of G4's and have been skiing on them in Thredbo. Despite what you would think they have been great in a variety of conditions ranging from reasonably light powder (well for us) to heavy wet cement, and onto the wet snow that we often see. I must admit they are not great on 'marble' snow and would be scarey on ice!

They are very stable, ski lighter than you would think and turn easily. If you are thinking of skiing in Australia with your new skis you could do worse than buy these.

One word of not ask me why but skis are MUCH cheaper in Australia than in the states. In JH in January skis that sold for approx Aus$900
were selling for US$795.00
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Originally posted by Seth:
I will be living in Park City and working at Deer Valley.
Not to hijack the thread, but when do you start and what are you doing? There are some of us here that work at Deer Valley. I start Oct. 28th.
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I am working in the ski school. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Arriving in PC around Nov 28. Starting work around Dec 2.

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seth I live in Park City my wife works part time at Deer Valley in skier services. you may want to keep your money in your pockets for the time being. Since you will be working at Deer Valley they have some nice dicounts on thier fleet of Demo skis. They have the Bandit xx and xxx all 2002 or 2003 models. As another bonus You will get passes good at Park City and the Canyons.last season it was 2 passes per week ,good you just you so ya can't sell them. If you most own then there is a shop in the silver lake village of Deer Vally Christies that gives pretty deep discounts on gear to derr Valley people. If you like your K2 pros I think you are going to really like the newer wider XP. Don't tell anyone but Deer Valley is Great on a Powder day! many of the guest just don't know how to ski powder and so they spend a day indoors complaining there is To much snow. All the core Alta snobs are stuck waiting for avolanche control to open up The Cottenwood Canyons. By the time they have the road open you will have logged about a dozon runs are more and ready for that first coffee break Ydnar who post here from time to time has been teaching there for years he may be able to fill you in on The Deer valley Ski School.
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I know that skis are more expensive in the US than they are here but I would never pay full RRP. I would get all my stuff pro deal or look around for a bargain.

I got my Axis X Pro's brand new here in Melbourne for less than wholesale cost. Worked out at about US$320.

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I currently ski G4's and G31's (depending on whether i'm in Whistler or Tremblant, or powder/ice [img]smile.gif[/img] /

I love the G4's, but I like a stiff ski, and the G4's qualify in that regard. My previous pow ski was the Bandit XXX (previous model to current) and I found them a bit soft.

Just my 2c worth.
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seth if you can get that good of a deal on K2's down there then why not just buy the new wider K2 xp It looks like one sweet ride and while your at it pick me up a pair for $320 181 please
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I wish I could all the time. I got real lucky. There was a sale and they were the last pair left and they just wanted to get rid of them. I'm not complaining.
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