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Lift Served Acreage

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Has anyone seen any listings comparing resorts that give accurate numbers on lift served acreage. I think we all understand there are VAST differences in ski areas' lift served vs. skiable acreages, and was just wondering if anyone has taken the time to put some of the great 'pretenders' in their place with the general skiing public.
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Feallen, check out "Where to Ski and Snowboard" or, ask the resort to tell you the number of kilometres of runs.
This will give you a lot of data:

Acreage means very little if you're wanting to measure what you skiied - I mean, unless you measure the distance you skiied, then multiply that by the width of your skis.

e.g. In March I skiied 29 seperate peaks in 2 days, and covered 100km of piste. If you say the average width of my skis is 80mm, then I covered 1.98 acres of piste. Except I carved several turns, so that would reduce that figure considerably.

Now which figure gives you more information about the amount of skiing I did?
100km or 1.98 acres?
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I would think there is little inaccuracies in acreage compared to claimed "vertical" that some resorts post on their websites. The second most inaccurate claim would be "annual snowfall", but acreage I don't see as being something you see too much as being exaggerated.
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Originally Posted by MrHyak
but acreage I don't see as being something you see too much as being exaggerated.
Right--I agree that acreage usually isn't exaggerated, but it is misleading. With boundary-to-boundary policies, much of the stated resort acreage inlcudes the condos, lodges, etc. Not only do the buildings present an interesting hazard, but it's also usually pretty flat.

Now, I like skiing the trees as much as anyone, but a lot of that acreage also includes ridiculously dense woods that even the most extreme (read: sadist) wouldn't consider running through--you'd never build up enough speed, the rocks and snagglebrush, abundance of low hanging branches, and the inevitable ripped jacket, pants, and scratched face. :
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