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Miller bindings

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I just picked up an old school set of brand new Miller bindings. Gottem just cuz they looked cool and intriqueing.

Does anyone know much about the history behind Miller's bindings? I've tried to do some research on them on the web but can't find much of anything. I have even written to Univ or Utah which has his patent info in their archives, but haven't heard back from them.

I might even throw these on a pair of old rock skis to test them out.
Any info is appreciated. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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FWIW, in one of this year's issues of Couloir Magazine they had a little story about Miller as they were naming him to their Hall of Fame. Aside from the bindings, he also was the creator of the Miller Soft (in case you didn't know....). The article did not go into any technical details of his inventions.

If memory serves, Miller was the sponsor of some "crash test" events back in the late 60's - early 70's. Skiers using his bindings would tuck down an inrun straight into a barrier. Most fantastic crash won the prize. Warren Miller had footage in one of his movies.
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I always wondered what that big Miller Award trophy was in the attic. Maybe this explains why I don't remember the 70's.

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Better plan on making some additions to your boots befor using the Miller bindings.They need a metal plate on each end of the boot to work. Millers where on my first two pairs of skis in 1970 and 1971. They worked better and where cheaper then Cubco (SP) (much Bigger plates on the Cubs) for the time. Both bindings where more dangereous off the hill ( icy steps ,etc.) ,then on the hill. The Millers where a lot of work to mount and adjust,not alot of profit for the shop! This reminds me of all the fun,excitement and bumps when I started skiing! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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There is a video out called The Greatest Snow on Earth Utah's Skiing History. They have a segment on Miller and his bindings. He is credited with making the first releasable binding as well as the first to put brakes on bindings. He just died last Year. He was one of the Great innovators of binding and ski technology. Like many creative and intovateive thinkers He was not a good busnessman. Offten the larger ski and binding companies would wait untill his pattens would run out then simply take his designs and put them on thier own gear. Miller may also have the first to manufacture a true powder ski.
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I believe the Miller bindings were on the rental fleet when I started working at a ski hill in the late 70s. No adjusting for boot sole length and 360 degree release was the thinking behind it. I'm sure the Miller softs were the precursor to modern powder skis. They were the standard for heli ski operations until the Atomic powder fats came out.
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