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Renting a full size van

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Has anyone ever rented a full size van for a ski trip? I am taking a group of 9 boy scouts, including myself and 2 other adults on a trip to Summit county and we would like to rent a full size van, but when you put in a request for a van on the various travel sites, they only come back with mini-vans, that can only hold 7 people. Do rental car companies even rent full size vans?

Thanks for the help.
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Yes, the car rental companies rent full sized vans out of Denver International. I have skied Summit County several times with groups that had vans, minivans, and cars rented from the same rental agency at DIA.

I personally wouldn't recommend those full sized vans just because of the way they handle, and the potential for all sorts of driving problems associated with having a big box sprung up high in the air.

Good Luck
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Hard to find.

Are you getting the van in Denver, or NC?
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I rent 15 passenger vans all the time. I think they handle great. The risk comes if you drive like an idiot. Getting very hard to find now though, as over the last year many rental agencies have discontinued handling them because of insurance problems. You can still get 12 passenger vans pretty easily in my area, yours may be different. Make a phone call.
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I agree with S'Dog, they can be had. We rent them all the time for distant away games to transport both players and equipment.
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Depending on the size of the kids, would an Excursion or Tahoe work?
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We would be renting the van in Denver. We have though about renting 2 cars, however my dad has to head back early to go to work, and I am sticking around for longer to visit some friends. So, we only have 1 adult, or person over 25, that is going back with the kids the day they fly out, so having 2 different cars would be a problem.
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I guess I concur that I wouldn't want to drive around here in a 15 passenger van full of kids and gear. You know they won't have snow tires.

If the roads are dry it will be fine. I wouldn't want to drive a rental van in the area of the Eisenhower tunnel.

I suppose if you can "chain-up" it would be fine. Once your in Summit County it wouldn't be an issue.

Where are you staying? Why not use the shuttle services from the airport?
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