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"What's my powder stagedy?"
There's only one answer around here to that and its "FERNIE", other than that it doesn't matter I ski what ever is there but if you are in the loop there are stashes and wind sift to be had . .........And if that's not enough I'll just hang around long enough to bug the hell out of "L7".
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Stategy? what someone said here earlier - get out often, and if you ski @W/B forget what it looks like at the base, might be totally different above the clouds.
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Originally Posted by bigbadwulf11
I live on the east coast so the only chance I get to ski powder is on a ski trip out west or if I happen to get lucky on a day trip to an east coast resort. For the past 5 or 6 years we have been taking 1 trip per year out west. For the past few years it always seems that we miss the big dumps. Two years ago we missed an epic dump in Jackson by 1 week (3 or 4 feet) and last year we were a week too early in Zermatt/Chamonix (we were in europe for 2 weeks in January).

This year we are planning a trip to Steamboat march 5-12...in hopes of getting some of their famous champagne powder.

How do most of you guys plan your ski trips?? We normally plan several months ahead since we have a big group....in doing so lodging and airfare can usually be had much cheaper. However, I am considering scrapping this theory and just going wherever is getting the best snow this week.

The first/second week of march seems like a good bet for snow for most resorts and is hopefully early enough to avoid many high school and college spring breaks

Any insight or thoughts would be appreciated
I ahve always tried to plan early and late trips to save money and avoid the crowds. Colorado gets a lot of snow in March and even April but it can be warmer. After 5 decades of skiing I have concluded that unless you are willing to leave on the spur of the momenet it is always a crapshoot to get good powder.

Skied great powder from November to May...but the best 2 times were at Steamboat. 1 on the last week of the season....nobody there and it snowed every day for over a week...unbelieveable. It was cold as well.

Another time we were in Vail and the snow sucked. Steamboat was closed...I think it was in Feb ....due to an incredibly bad snow year. It started to snow there and we drove to catch the area reopening with no more than locals skiing for the next 4 or 5 days. Also unbelieveable...fresh tracks every run the first 2 days and great snow the rest.

Pick the best time for your trip and pray for snow. Remember if you go at a peak time you might have good pow for only a matter of hours before being skied out.

PS - Alta/snowbird were the most reliable pow areas I remember but have not skied there for a few years. Little Cottowood canyon catches the storms better than anywhere I know.
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