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Average before season tune-up price?

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If I were to purchase a used pair of skis this winter (not terribly likely, hypothetical) they would require some work. Can anyone give me estimate on what the following work would cost me? Obviously, the best thing is to actually go to a ski shop, but I don't have any actual example equipment.

Clean up and sharpen edges - edges have rust on them. Assume rust is on the surface, if it has eaten into the edges the skis are write-offs

Basic tuning, i.e. waxing etc. Grind bases, and so forth and so on.

Release check on the bindings.

Fit bindings to my boots.

That's it. Can a very approximate price be determined from this, or are there too many variables? If it's the latter, well, I'll just have to haul my butt up to the ski shop this November.

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To achieve what you are asking, a decent shop will probably charge:
$10 - 15 for the binding check
$25 - 40 for the grind/ tune (depending on how much hand work has to be done

Some times, early season, the shop will throw in the binding check with tune. Look for a deal!

If you spend more than about $50, some one saw you coming, and are planning on putting both their kids through college!

A true hand tune might run up around $60, for the works.

Good luck. :

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Depending on the ski, you can shave a bit of sidewall. Have a shop look at them before you toss them for rusty edges.

Now! Just how did or didn't you store them to get them that screwed up over a single winter???

Ski Abuse! Ski Abuse! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Now, now, Yuki, I didn't store them - they're not my skis. I suspect someone just left them sitting in the garage or something, so the rust is probably just from a combination of moisture and oxidation. So, hopefully it's just surface rust that can be shaved off pretty easily. But depending upon how much the shop is gonna charge for all this, I may or may not make the purchase. I'm the classic Poor Highschool Skier, so I want to get this done for, oh, under $100 if I possibly can. And $100 would run me pretty much dry, which is highly undesirable.

$40 dollars I can probably deal with, though. It would hurt, but... I can cope. Anything for skiing .
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Which reminds me: if I get these skis, you can bet your [patootie] that the next question I ask here will be "how do I store these things right?"
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Of course. What kind of skis? Back to Racing?
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What kind of skis? That's the question causing me the most hesitation, next to price. See, these skis are used straight skis, K2s. I knew the specific model, but forget now. The point is, they are from the mid 90s, which means that they've got a decent sidecut - for straights. But I learned to ski on shapes last year, and I'm frankly hesitant about downgrading.

The only reasons that I'm actually willing to contemplate this are that, first of all, I already have boots, thank goodness. Second of all, I'm signed up for my school's ski program, and am signed up to rent skis. So for six days this season, I have access to shaped skis. I intend, if I buy the straights, to use both, to get an idea of what to expect from each. Third, I plan to ski for more than six days this season. Actually, I plan to ski enough days to make renting every time I go out not financially viable, especially for me. I hope to get a job this winter (I've applied and everything), and I'll be better able to afford just the ticket than a ticket and rental. Finally, I am getting a job, after all. Even if the total of purchasing the skis runs to a hundred dollars, I can make up the difference in working ten hours a week for two weeks. I can afford these skis; I can't afford new ones. That's for next season .
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Don't do it! Simple as that.

Hustle ol' dad and wax the car or do whatever to get on a decent set of shapes. They don't have to be top line Volkls or Stocklis, just a reasonable ski.

Heck, start bidding on e-bay and sometimes you get lucky, but you have to "watch the ticker" as the clock winds down for those last minute bids that skunk your's.
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Well... if anyone can point me in the right direction to find a good price on decent used gear, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm definitely a neophyte here; I don't know where to even begin looking for this stuff. And I really am pretty much on a $100 budget, which gives me very little hope. Maybe if some NE Bears know of any swaps that haven't gone by yet, I might be able to find something, but I dunno.

Also, think there's any chance I could find something in the swap/sell gear forum here? I'm just very pessimistic about finding even second-tier shapes for a price I can afford.

And of course, I have no idea what kind of ski to look for, but that's another thread..
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No matter what, don't buy straights. Ebay is your best bet.

OR, I've got a pair of old Elan shaped skis in a 188. I've beat them to death and they've been mounted twice. (currently have no binding). But if you're desperate for shaped skis, $40.
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You might try these guys to see if they have a pair of shapes that would work for you: http://www.ski-deals.com

This is a strange place but they have hundreds of skis from rentals to used to new. They deal. They ship.

Learn how to do your own edge work and waxing (check out a book from the library). Have base work done only when you can afford it and/or it is necessary.

Good luck.

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maddog, thanks for the link, I'll give it a look-see.

super-mat, I greatly appreciate the offer, but sadly 188s are way too long for me, by a good 18 cm at least. But I truly appreciate you making the offer.

Thanks for the helpful words people!

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