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New Boots...Last Year's Models?

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I am looking for a new pair of boots for this year. A local ski shop is having a big sale tomorrow (Wed., 9/8) but most of the stuff consists of last year's models. I don't know exactly what the prices will be, but I've been led to believe that they'll be even lower than I might get using a pro form.

Would it really be worth my while to pay more for this year's model new boots instead of getting last year's? (I've been looking at the Tecnica DPXR - not sure whether to go hot form or standard....Though they have this year's Langs and none from last year, and I did my trying-on last Spring.) Any and all advice would be appreciated.

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Even when I could get pro forms, I used to buy boots at summer sales. They were at least as cheap and I could always try them on. Actually, I dreaded the pressure to do the annual "upgrade." It was way more trouble than anything else: mostly the "new" boots were just a different color. Boot technology hasn't changed as much as skis have. Even boots from the early 80's skied as well as current boots. The big improvement has been that you can find a more comfortable boot without sacrificing much performance. I avoid boots with lots of "features." Those things never improve performance, but sometimes they compromise it. I want a simple boot that is comfortable and skis well. I don't care if I can't walk in it or if it takes a half hour to get it off my foot.

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Mainstream boot technology hasn't changed much in twenty years as far as I can tell.
Rear entry and soft boots came and went. Other than some liner improvements, it's mostly been cosmetics and hype. Remember a few seasons ago when you couldn't ski without a flex whip device to "return your leg to center" after flexon? Where are the flex whips today?

Fischer and Atomic have done some things with positioning the foot differently within the shell, booster straps and simular straps were added to a lot of boots, and a few companies have fooled around with making boot soles mechanically cantable. Companies have used new plastic combinations. However, they often don't do much but lighten the boot somewhat.

However,as nearly as I can determine basic boot technology itself has'nt changed much in since the 1980's. But then, I ski Raichle nee Kneissl Flexon's.
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Mainstream boot technology hasn't changed much in twenty years as far as I can tell.
I will disagree on that point. While the basic shape of 4 buckle boots looks the same there has been some big improvements. The biggest is they are using lighter materials. Most of today's boots are significantly lighter than boots 10 years ago. They are also using more high-tech materials like Outlast in the liner to keep your feet warmer and drier. The shell designs are now more refined to provide firmness where needed and less pressure where not needed. My current boots are much better than what I had 10 years ago and significantly better than what I had 20 years ago.
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I have to say that if you are able to try on a few pair and then choose it is better. Pro-form is great, but you can get some great boots(last years) at great prices this time of the year. Another thing to consider, which I did and am very satisfied, is to check eBay first for new boots, look at their prices (go with someone reputable). Write down some of the models there and then try them on at the shop. If you find a boot you like and it is available "buy it now", in the size and model you need and if it is less than you can get it at the store you may want to consider it. I got Technica Rival 8x Hotform Womens for $99 from Cupolos this spring. I had tried them on at a local shop and wanted them, they were considerably more on sale at the shop.

Contrary to the negative post about Cupolos, I found them to be very helpful and the service and product excellent.

Also, I've heard GREAT things about the hotform and can't wait to try them on the slopes. They are comfortable. I haven't had the hotform set up yet because I have day surgery for a foot problem tomorrow.
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If you make your living working in some aspect of the ski business (Pro from), then give the shop some respect and tell them you just want to try on a boot and that you aren't going to buy from them. Don't lead them on. It's only fair.

I would agree with Rio, on the latest generation of boots, they are way ahead of boots from ten years ago in fit, materials, and flex versus lateral stability. Lighter is alway good too.

Personaly, I wouldn't hesitate to go with a year old boot. Buy for fit and then performance. Later, RicB.
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I got last year Tecnica Icon Alu Comp Hot Forms for $220. This year they have the new diablo series but it is not worth $500 more for a boot that will do the same thing. I got mine on Ebay which was still 1/2 the price on my locals shop "sale" price.
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Thanks for the reply folks. I appreciate your input. FYI, I have been upfront, and this store will sell stuff to me with a pro-form if I go that way. But I will look at last year's stuff with open eyes first.

Thanks again.

- Willy
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Have had the Technica Alu Hot Forms and are very happy with them. Very comfortable, very responsive boot. Nice feature in that you can plug them into your car as you drive to the slopes and have the liners heated. Makes getting in very easy and it starts your foot off in a warm boot.
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