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Peter Keelty has some reviews up!

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www.technicalsupportforskiers.com Get out those drool cups boys and girls [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Link don't work.
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Forgot my drool cup. Any tips for getting drool out of my keyboard??
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: . Thanks for posting the information. Peter Keelty's reviews indicate that in the GS race category most of the well-known racing brands will max out in 2003 at around 190cm. The two exceptions to the length trend this upcoming season seem to be Rossi at only 185 cm and Volkl, which tops out at 193cm.

Based on Keelty's reviews this years GS racers are just about all 10cms shorter than last year. The sole exception seems to be Saloman whose GS lengths actually grew a tad since last season from 188cm to 190cm.

I will soon review one of the most important technical aspects of the 2003 ski crop, namely the GRAPHICS. Do you think Saloman can repeat for top honors in gaudiest ski category?
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I'm glad to see Rossi is once again revamping their Viper/Cobra lines to keep us thoroughly confused. I'm sure we'll have multiple threads trying to figure out which models are the same as last year, which are the same with a new name, etc.

As for obnoxious graphics, the Rossi RPM line is the worst I've seen in a few years.
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Trey, Thanks for the heads up. I had been checking his site expecting the reviews by the end of the month. I've always liked his reviews. They seem more informative to me than the typical magazine sources. The Ski Cananda Magazine reviews are also good - but they don't have full access to their reviews on the internet (last I saw was GS And SL race skis and that wasn't posted until later in the season).

What do other EpicSki Members think of the various ski review soures?
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I subscribe to Ski Canada, the late Inside Tracks and pick up the equipment issues of SKI, SKIING and POWDER. I also am able to get a hold of some Euro magazines like Aka Skidor and some of the numerous Japanese ski magazines.

The Japanese magazines have by far the most technical details much along the lines of what the US ski magazines used to offer in the eighties. For quality equipment photography, I would give the nod to any of the Japanese ski magazines along with Aka Skidor of Sweden.

IMHO, the least biased real world reviews readily available to US skiers are Peter Keelty's and the www.footloosesports.com site. The reviews by the major US ski magazines as well as Ski Canada are just not very... Well let’s face it they have credibility problems particularly in the way they choose their top picks and how they describe equipment characteristics.

I am, by the way, a recovering gear addict.
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linked worked but couldnt check out the ski reviews-interested in the rossis rpm line tho. buddy of mine had a pair. was there any price listing and when will they be out?
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The RPM's were out in CO last march for about $700.00 I think. Should be cheaper in the fall
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