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Lift chairs for sale !

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if someone can rationalize the purchase, let me know. i'm not sure how i'd explain it.
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You can mount it in your backyard and swing in the shade dreaming of a power day. At 200 bucks, I think it's a steal!
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That's not just a deal, it's a steal.

When JH decommissioned the old Apres Vous double chair (wooden slatted seats and all), they donated a whole bunch of them to the Jackson Hole Ski Club to auction off in their annual fall fundraiser. The chair with #1 incribed on it went for over $2,200. Most went for about $600. Going into the auction, I had told my wife I was going to buy one if it sold for $200 or less. I never got the chance.

My wife, of course, fell into the "What??? Are you crazy???" camp, so it was probably a good thing they were priced so high.


I would still love to have one. :
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I'm a wife, and I'd LOVE to have one on my porch, hanging from a pair of chains, to swing on.

Don't justify it. Just do it.
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The ski areas here in WA sell their old riblet doubles for usually around $125-$150. If you scrounge around sometimes you can find some in scrap heaps as I did a few years ago. In 1998 the area was doing cleanup (pressured by local residents basically) and had in one of their parking lots tons of scrap metal waiting to be picked up. I was able to find 6 old center pole double chairs among the piles of metal and I gave away 5 and kept one for myself... I sure can't see myself paying those prices, but if done right they are pretty cool....
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For the waiting area in my Frisco studio? Hmmmmm
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Great idea, LM!!!!!
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why can I never find these types of sales in my area, I haven't ever heard of any chair sales in the northeast (public). I for one would jump all over that opportunity (if I was in CA).
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I actually have an antique center-pole double chair with wooden slats and swing-in safety bars/foot rests. It was *ahem* appropriated from an abandoned ski area somewhere in the continental US. A friend and I got to have the adventure of taking them off the cable one July 4th weekend about 10 years ago. I got some interesting looks while driving down the interstates with a ski chair strapped to the roof of my truck in July.

I made a "swing set" frame to hang it in my old back yard, but when I moved to my new house a few years ago, I never put it back up. I had pictures of it on my old web site, but I changed ISPs, so the web site is gone. It's currently under my deck/porch. My intent is to hang it in my screened porch in place of the current swing.
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My area just cut up all the old chairs and pitched them. Didn't even think to auction them off. I managed to save one that I gave away to houswarming gift to fellow skiers.

I would have loved to have kept it but my wife was of the "what, are you crazy camp!" too.
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And you didn't save one for us? Shame on ya!
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Stowe took out thier old Riblet chair this summer. For a while all the chairs were just lting on the ground. Some of them did get appropriated. #69 is in the lawn a few houses down from me.
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Wisp in McHenry MD was selling lift chairs. I am not sure how much they were going for though. I hadn't heard of such a thing before. 200 bucks is a bit steep. Maybe cool though if you could get one for free and stick it in a loft, or elsewhere. I am going to turn one of my little rooms into a rec room (skis, boots, mt bike, tennis racket,etc...)
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A friend of mine just took an old triple chair from Copper back to her sister in Michigan. Not sure how she got the chair but it is the chair her sister got engaged in. Must have looked real funny heading done I70 with it strapped to the top of a Subaru.

Widh I had one!
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Awe! The chair had sentimental value...proposal on a mountain top. Sounds like a skiers dream!
It would be cool to have one. I just wouldn't wanna lay out the cash for it.
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Lift Chairs for Sale

It answers the question about what to get the person who has everything.
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I'd love to have one.... if only I had somewhere to put one. I love when we go into Vermont and I go by the house with the fence made of old skis and all the houses with decommissioned lift chairs in their yards! Someday...
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TC's pizza in West Dover (owned by Kelly Clark's folks) has one of the old clamshell bugeye gondolas from the 60's/70's hanging out front of their business - very cool!

I'd like to find an old T Bar and hang it from the peak on the front of my barn.
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