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Utah in Mid December?

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Some friends and I were considering heading out to Utah in mid-december (9-13th). The obvious choices that have been talked about are Park City, Alta, Snowbird, Canyons, etc. We have all been there in the past. The last couple of years I have been reading and looking into the resorts near Odgen, primarily Snow Basin and Powder Mountain. I've been to Snow Basin once the year after the Olympics and the resort was really nice. My main concern is what are the typical conditions like at Powder Mountain / Snow Basin in December? Do they have much snow making capacity or do they rely only the natural stuff? Thanks
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I will also be in Utah at the same time, if you haven't booked anything yet check this site out


They have summer rates until Dec 16th, so you can get condos as low as 79 bucks a night.
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I don't think Powder Mountain has much in the way of snowmaking if any at all. The areas that they have marked trails isn't all that exciting anyway. What makes PM Special isn't lift served, It is the all the open back country skiing. You can hike or for a few bucks get a ride in a snowcat out on the ridge line, Then just pick a place you want to drop in. At the bottem of The Canyon you can hitch a ride on a bus back to the resort and do it all over again. Your best bet that early in the season would be Park City since they have the most snowmaking ability in all of Utah. If we are lucky and there is great early season conditions. It is only a 30 to 45 min drive to Snowbasin. or 30 to 40 mins to the Cottenwood Canyons. By the way Snowbasin is my favorite Utah mountain.
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