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They're skiing in Colorado

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My cousin Rob is here in N.Y. for the weekend. He just dropped by with a picture of some guys skiing yesterday at Silverton. Is that true?

I'm getting psyched for the upcomming season. We'll be in Colorado in three weeks for a week hoping to see the trees change. Looks like they might be all gone by then huh?
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Looking out my window, there's snow on the mountain tops. You are going to look me up when you come out, yes?
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Yes, there was skiing at Silverton apparently:

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heck, yeah they are !

keystone has snow on the trails
so, does vail on the mountains:
and beaver:
and breckenridge marathoners ran in snow drifts all day !
and vail+beaver creek have put up new flash intros on the homepage ! good day to be a skier !
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The Indian Peaks area appears to have gotten quite a bit of snow. It's a nice summer day in Boulder and above 10k ft it looks like mid winter.

I think the peak for the Aspens will be mid September.
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First Snow at Sunshine Village

September 2 for the first snow at the Village. Opening is scheduled for November 11th. WAHOOOO!
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Looks like the start of things. I'm excited already. Got the skis ready. Got my kid looking for a pair of powder boards for me and my cousin is going to check out some of the sales around Denver for me.

The snowmobiles are ready also, for those of you who like to do both. I really enjoy snowmobiling and have been dying to do some trails out West.

Lisa, my Wife and I are flying into Steamboat on the 2nd of Oct. Probably go over to Summit Co. on the 4th or 5th. Maybe we can do lunch or something. I've tried to hook up with other Bears out there before. Sometimes timing isn't right but I'll ry. Anyone else who wants to join may.

If I can figure out how to get P.M.'s here anymore, please feel free to do so.
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You have to go to your user control panel and turn on private messages.
October 4th or 5th? Cool! I'm at my studio in Frisco till 1:00. We can meet up afterwards. Pick a date, and I'll contact the other Epic locals!
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Hey I'll try to poke up there then too

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Lisa Lisa and the Ski Jam!
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