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Wax on, wax off

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I want to wax my skis before each day of skiing. I'm willing to spend 20 minutes on it the night before. What should I do? Thanks.
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I wax em when ever I can.
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20 minutes your killing me with only 20 minutes. How about this, you will spend about the same amount of time and it will be much better for the ski bases. Every 3 days of 8 hour sking, you would Hot wax the ski's but it will take longer than 20 minutes but not necessay every day. Total time spent will be about the same. You will need to get an iron, you dont need a special wax iron just a regular iron with a sliding type heat adjustment. Let the iron heat up then adjust the temp until the wax when touched to the iron smokes then back it down a little so the wax doesnt smoke anymore, drip the wax on the bases and smooth out with the iron. After you have done that letem cool for a half hour. Then scrape off excess with plastic scraper which you should be able to get at a ski shop for about 6 bucks, buy a couple of Swix buffing pads (scotchbrite) remove any remaining excess wax and you done. It will take longer than 20 minute but will last for 3 full days of sking.

If you just use rub on wax every day it will never penatrate into the ptex base. Iron on hot wax much better and total time because it lasts longer is about the same as you said you wanted to spend. Small investment for iron,scraper and scotchbrite pads. You can even get fancyer as i do but this will be enough for you. :

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Ah emn to dc9mm-

Hot wax is the way to go- and you only have to do it every 3 ski days. If your feeling like crap, and wishing you could make your skis even better sharpen them with a stone after every 1-2 days of sking. Makes all the difference- Sharp edges is even more important than wax.
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Edges should be reviewed for nicks and rock hits daily. Fix with either a full filing or buff with a diamond stone as necessary. Wax the skies daily using hot wax and iron. For me a fairly quick edge file and hot wax for 3 pairs or skis does not take an hour.

Ski like crazy, aviod the rocks.

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