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Shameless Plug?

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I noticed that the September newsletter for ESA III coming up in January 2005 has been posted. I thought I would take this time to put in a plug based on a edited and somewhat revised version of a longish post I made following the first ESA. Last season I planned to attend ESA II but a work commitment made it impossible. I registered for ESA III and plan to be there work or no.

The coaches truly represent the “cream of the crop” in terms of their experience, ability to communicate, passion for skiing and truly expert technical skiing. My group's coach was Tom Burch who is an excellent teacher and skier and a very nice guy as well.

The Academy is much more than just “ski with an expert”. The coaches devise a well thought out curriculum in advance.

I had second thoughts on several occasions about attending the Epic Ski Academy. Prior to the Academy, I had met none of the coaches or the participants personally. I was also somewhat awed by the proposition of being in the company of so many great skiers. I managed (barely) to put these fears aside because I really wanted to become a better skier. It proved the best thing I could have done.

AC, and all those who participated in ESA I are not merely creatures in cyberspace. They are real people and really NICE people to ski and talk with. Special thanks to Vail Sno Pro who got me up to the mountain and down again most days in his four wheel drive.

WTFH also really exists. He is quite as witty in person as he is in this Forum and a very pleasant person as well. Lisamarie is quite the same in person as she is in this Forum. Full of energy and enthusiasm.

There is something very egalitarian about the Academy, which greatly contributes to its success. ESA is not a "Bogner Bash". I cannot think of a richer skiing experience and certainly not one that offers a better price/value ratio.

Just buying new gear usually doesn't do much to make a person a better skier no matter how much you might wish to think so. ESA I provided tools and concepts to enable me both to ski better and have more fun. Not just during the four days I was there but since my return home and during the following season.

Forum members who want to become better skiers, plan to set aside some time and budget for ESA III. You will definitely benefit no matter what your present skiing level is. Even if you already ski better than 97% of skiers you can be assured that the coaches are in the 3% "better than you" category. And they and the participants are very nice people too.

There is did it. I don't often post shameless plugs. In this instance though, it can be justified.
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"Lisamarie is quite the same in person as she is in this Forum." Careful! You'll scare them away!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
"Lisamarie is quite the same in person as she is in this Forum." Careful! You'll scare them away!
You think that's bad! Look what he said about me:

Originally Posted by Lostboy
WTFH also really exists.
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Some people just can't take constructive criticism.
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At 2,554 posts, not a single mention. Harumph!
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