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Top plate in ski boots

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In considering how useful footbeds are in stabalizing the foot in a ski boot, I though it might also be useful to have a top plate, molded to the top of your foot. Since few people have custom formed boots, this top plate would would diperse the force of buckling down the boot more evenly across the foot, to help prevent hot spots and pinched circulation. Has anyone tried this.
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Have not tried or heard of that. I'd say my ZipFit liners accomplish what you're describing ...throughout the entire boot - not just the top of the foot.
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I ski a head boot in which I replaced the lower tongue foam with some high quality heat molded foam, and it was one of the best improvements I've ever made to a boot. You are on the right track, but be carefull not to presure the entire top of the foot, stay just over the instep, or under the tongue. The forefoot stills needs to spread a little when it is fully loaded. Pressure on the top of the lateral and medial edge of the feet can restrict this loading.

Great way to stay connected, keep the instep gently pressure loaded all the time. I no longer use a full footbed, but my boots are more responsive than ever. Later, RicB.
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re: $.01...

I like that RicB:
I once got rid of the instep Hotspot pretty much by combining filing the top of the plastic a bit and carefully heating the plastic up/spreading it out a little....: it did work..BUT...I like your angle better.
Maybe one might, provided they stitch it up well, undo stitching, cut a little plastic away at the edges, then re-stitch..OR..substitute foam in various densities for the desired fit. I've done the multiple density foam substitution thing where I do know what I'm doing;-)--> for my ww_canoe helmet and it's now light years ahead of anything out there, both in true protection and comfort.
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I had a pair of Lange Comps circa 1972 that, in addition to a liner that was entirely of flow material, had a very thick tongue of some kind of barely resilient foam. The tongue was molded and must have been an inch thick. The boots had absolutely no hinge and took some getting used to but that tongue effectively accomplished what you are looking for. These were the best fitting boots I've ever had. The only problem with the concept and perhaps with your upper shell concept is that it likely doesn't work well with a hinging boot shell.
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HSWC, you can remove stiching and replace foam. The real problem is finding foam of high quality that is heat moldable. I was coached by someone with much knowledge and so had a road map to follow, but I did have to buy some special foam for this.

I simply super glued the stiching where I cut it and never restiched what stiching I had removed. I use double sided carpet tape to hold the foam exactly where I want it. Works great, but it was someone else's idea. Later, RicB.
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