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RV touring

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Does anyone have experiences that they could share about RV touring through various ski resorts? I'm wondering about the amenities one could expect to get from resorts while on the road. eg. Do many resorts have "pay for pool priveleges" or "hot tub fees" for walk-in folks? Getting the sweat off after a long day is a real concern. Doing laundry while on the road and having dinner looks feasible....

Specifically, I'm wondering about how friendly the resorts of the interior of BC are to RV campers.

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I have a bud that shot a video segment for ski world about RVing in BC. They rented in Calagary and dropped it off in Vancouver. They hit Kicking Horse, Fernie, Big White, Red, Silver Star and Whistler. I think that many BC resorts are very RV friendly. I will try to get more info from him.
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Cool! That's exactly the sort of thing I'm dreaming about these days...
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