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ArcTeryx Pants Or Bibs

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Does anyone have Arcteryx ski pants or bibs?

I am trying to decide if I want a high cut pant or a low cut bib and what model.

They have a ton of different models and lines.

Also does anyone recommend any other Gore Tex XCR pants?
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I have Beta AR pants, pretty basic. Runs in different lengths: reg. and long.
Works for me. Theta LT bibs look good. Depends on what you like obviously.
I notice there is a store that is listed as an online dealer (on their website) in
Boston and area. backcountrystore.com has reasonable prices. Might be some places to find previous year models as well.
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www.sierratradingpost.com has them also. You may want to get on there mailing list.

My son has three of there items and loves them.
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Not ArcTeryx, but I prefer bibs. Not necessarily a full bib, but something that gives a little extra coverage, especially in the lower back area in the event of a fall. I use the Spyder Force pant, which has a hi back with suspenders, though I need new ones because they're starting to get pretty chewed up.
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Arcteryx Minuteman Pants

Hi Scalce;
I have the Arcteryx Minuteman pant in Goretex XCR. It is bulletproof. I got 'em from Moosejaw.com last year, but they are on Sierratradingpost.com ( as Max Capacity has indicated) AND they are at closeout prices!! Almost $100.00 less than I paid last year!!!!
They are around $150 now, but w/ limited sizes in black. If you can live w/ Zinc there are more size choices.

Heavy duty is the word...Bibs are available too, however I just can't stand all that extra material on bibs, but you might have a different opinion.
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Norrona XCR Bib - has the zip off bib to let you decide what you want to wear, uses XCR and as they also make stuff for the military, bombproof comes as standard. think its called the recon pant? www.norrona.com
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hmm was way off with the name.... and cant find the one with the zip off anyway. it might be a new or possibly older model not displayed on the site. check the site anyway, good kit. also you'd be surprised by the Nike ACG stuff too...
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I've got the Minute Man bibs and I love them. Perfect powder pants. I do find them too warm for ski touring usually and wear soft shell pants for that. But for resort skiing and Cat skiing in the deap powder they've been great.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
Does anyone have Arcteryx ski pants or bibs?

I am trying to decide if I want a high cut pant or a low cut bib and what model.

Also does anyone recommend any other Gore Tex XCR pants?
I have the Arc'teryx Theta SK pant. They fit much nicer than the Minuteman bib, which has a really weird shape. The Minuteman pants are ok. Make sure you try them on because each style seems to fit a bit different. Even the Beta LT and Beta AR fit different. Also, try the Shorts and Longs, too. I bought a Short even though I've never worn Short. The Theta SK was the best for me with the Theta LT being a good second choice.
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What size pant leg do you wear for normal pants?

I am a 30 normally.

I haven't seen any short in the store to try on.
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Theta Sk's, very comfortable, two top pockets in the 1/2 bibs are actually very functional. A better fit and feel than the minuteman but hey, that's why they make 31 flavors, the XCR fabric is bomb-proof. They are a little more but in my opinion, worth it. I also wear a pair of Volcom snowboard pants that are not Gore-tex XCR but are good down to 20,000mm and are very well made and are very comfortable as well. If the conditions are wet or sloppy, then I wear the Arc's. You may want to check out Bonfire and volcom line if yo want something a little different in terms of cut and color. My pants are brown, a little tired of the black
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Yeah I like the XCR on my Sidewinder so I wanted a pair of pants to go with it.

I keep ripping my Helly Hansen pants.

They keep replacing them or fixing them but I want something more breathable.
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Go try both on with the sidewinder. I think you'll like the Sk's though. Hey, you may be able to fit your pass in one of those bib pockets.
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I just recently bought the Theta SK. I actually ordered the Minuteman bib first, but it looked awful on me, didn't fit at all. It was probably because of the drop-seat design, which I didn't need for resort skiing, so I returned it and got the Theta SK. Very happy with it, although I have yet to use it for real.
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I tried on the Theta SK pant last weekend and really liked the way they fit.

The only thing I didn't love was that there were no hip pockets. Just too smaller waist pockets.

I jjust picked up a Theta AR jacket for my wife. The Iris color is only $320 on this site compared to $450 everywhere else.


Nothing like getting Gore Tex for a wedding anniversary.

She is getting me pants for my present.
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I like the Bata AR pants. When my North Face wear out I'll most likely switch to Arc'teryx. I like the side zips for spring time venting.
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