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I am getting in the mood...

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been a little cooler in the AM's of late...took the skis out of storage...might have to hit a shi sale over one of the weekends... Huntah...should open just before Thanksgiving...turns will be coming soon !
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Yep. My flower garden got frosted last night. The dahlias were just beginning to bloom. (The dahlias were a sacrifice to the snow gods. The gods will be appreciative that the blooms died in the bud.)
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I didn't need my AC on last night.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
I didn't need my AC on last night.
Keep it on and sleep in your ski jacket if necessary! You're just trying to get acclimated as early as possible!:
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What Jeff said. Went to bed last night with the windows open and the fan on. It got down in the upper 40's last night, and the windchill kept us cool all night.
Frost on the nose this morning at 5 am!
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Dropped down into the low 70's last night...................

God I hate living in the south....................................

: : :
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The aspens are turning bright orange in batches- it's getting pretty cold at night, it's raining now and we have that grey low winter sky.
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Man, I sure love winter! Crisp air and white earth.....Hurry hurry!
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I have both my snow blowers running and ready for the season. I'll call the plow guy and make sure he has the driveway plowed by sunday evenings. He knows the routine. I'll take care of the snow during the week. If it snows on the weekend, have it cleared by Sunday night. If its really snowing, I call on Sunday morning and tell him don't bother until Monday night.
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The ritual has begun...

Came to work early this morning. With all this talk of colder weather and snow this past weekend, I opened up the "winter closet"... There they were, my favorite winter toys, ski boots and
hunting equipment!!! No one was there yet, so what the hell...I slipped on the ski boots and grabbed my favorite over and under, only to turn around and find one of my employees with this blank stare on her face! : All she said was, "you're a very sick person."
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I feel for y'all. Even though Portillo wasn't the greatest, my itch is officially scratched.

I should be good at least until Tenney lays down some of that fake junk.
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When will Tenney have anything open?
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I received my annual notice of the Competitive Edge Ski Sale. 5 Stars $675. Nothing like touring all the ski shops looking for deals to get you in the mood.
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Originally Posted by Ullr
Dropped down into the low 70's last night..........
I hate living in the south....
Think of it as a chance to get your Xmas cards made out without wasting snow time. I'm off to get another batch. . .
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Crisp mornings, evenings, and warm middays are the norm..., I Love it:
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It snowed in Summit County last night and this morning. About 1 and 1/2 inches at my house (9,400 ft). Probably 3 to 4 inches up high. A visitor from Steamboat said they got 6 inches.
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My colleagues think I'm crazy, but I've always thought that God provided us with summer so that we could appreciate winter more. My colleagues / friends / relatives / non-skiing acquantainces say that I have that backwards, but I know I'm right!

BRING IT ON ! Dropped off my skis with our very own skidoc the other day, so they'll be freshly waxed, sharpened, shiny and ready to go! I can't wait.
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Went for a ride today, couldn't believe all the trees that have changed color since last weekend. Got out of the car at a flea market and started to walk around. I was a little cool, I had to go back to my car for something to put on. It was about 50, breezy and damp. Drove to Wachusett Mountain and to the summit, I swear I saw a few flakes while I was there (probably just wishful thinking, says my sister.)

On the way home I went by my favorite little seafood place...it's usually so crowded you can hardly find a place to park...no one was there, I almost thought it was closed. I really expected it to be mobbed since this is a holiday weekend.

Most of the roadside stands I passed had pumpkins already (just a few, but pumpkins no less). The neighbor's mums they planted yesterday in the heat had a light frost on them this morning. A corn field where they were picking yesterday looks like it also got a frost.

I had my windows open last night too. I got cold in the middle of the night and closed some of them. They got opened again first thing this morning to let the cool, crisp, fresh air in. Tonight seems like it is going to be even cooler. I'm lovin' it!

As soon as I can I am taking my boots to have work done on them, this won't be for a little while because I am having minor surgery on my foot this Wednesday. The skis are out...I've been looking at them and wishing they could do more than just stand in a corner. The hill is being cut at the little local area, this is planned as a first cut with another to come mid-October...I hope there is snow on the hill by then (though highly unlikely this far south).

Bring on the cold weather, crank up mother nature's snow machines...I am raring to go!
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Places in VT and ME are gonna dip into the lower 40s tonight.
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First night I didn't have to use my AC here in NYC and actually had to shut my windows close because it was a little too chilly. It's crisp, cool and... too early though to talk about snow but it's a start.

They say that after Labor Day not to wear opentoe shoes. How about if I'm wearing my ski boots to work. I should definitely set the mood straight
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So on the 10 o'clock news they just showed CO getting 1 1/2 inches of snow - whippee Then to make things even better, the weather dude said that the farmer's almanac is predicting that we're going to get a big storm in Mid - November!!!
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That's good! I was planning on starting my ski season in November, if the weather permitted. I'm not sure if I've been skiing that early before. Usually around here skiing starts around December.
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