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new fat 1080s

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Spotted in Courchevel last week - Salomon 1080 "Spaceframes", a bizarre cross breed of 1080 and pocket rocket. Sporting a copper and orange plumage and technical drawing inspired graphics. Vitall stats - 114-80-108.

Friend of mine rented them then bought a pair. Anyone else seen these or skied them? I've searched the net but found nothing on them. I assume they are next year's ski on a test run or a very limited edition.

Any sightings in North America of this rare breed?


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Is this the beastie...
Ski Press Canada

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Yeah, the 1080 has gained some girth, I skied the new one today, and will post a review for it (and a bunch more new skis) soon. Pss, it's good.
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My understanding is that the new Teneighty is specifically redesigned for maximum pipe performance in anticipation of halfpipe becoming an "official" event for two-plankers (Olympics, X-Games, etc.). It seems Salomon is refocusing its Pro Team to reflect this as well.
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