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Cheap beater skis

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I'm looking for a pair of cheap skis I can take out early in the year and probably beat up on the rocks. The used sporting good store down the street has a pair of Salomon SuperMountains with a Tyrolia TD8 binding in 186 cm, as well as a pair of Nordica W66s with a Salomon C509B binding in 183 cm. Both are in good shape, and both are cheap. I try to ski all over the mountain -- groomers, moguls, off piste, and any powder I can find. Any suggestions as to which of these two skis would work best? (I'm 230 lbs., and normally ski on boards around the 175-185 cm length).
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PM mntlion in Banff, I grabbed a pair of cmh explosivs from him last year just to sample some fat skis. They ended up being my number 1, do it all boards. Cheap, so a little rock damage isn't a big deal and they work surprisingly well on groomers and in the bumps (not like a skinny ski, but decent) and are amazing when you get off-piste - the backside of Louise, farside at Fortress.
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used skis?

I saw your message. Don't get any ski with a Salomon C series binding. They allow for alot of travel within the binding. This will be bad if you think about going into bumps. If anything, try to get a ski with Salomon S series binding. They have adjustable toe for width and height. I wil say, I have a pair of Volant Super Karve Legend 193 with Marker M9.1 Racing bindings I'll sell you for $100 US dollars.
Good luck in your search.
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The super mtn. is a few years old, but a very good ski.
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I have some SuperMountains in a 186cm. Its a fun ski. I know a couple locals that have stashed an extra pair since they're not made anymore. The SupeMountain is a good powder ski, great crud ski and adequate groomer ski. Its biggest weakness is hard snow performance. I wouldn't want to be skiing eastern ice on them.
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Thanks for the advice. I just bought the SuperMountains (186 cm). Now I just have to wait two or three months before I can try them out.

My quiver is now full. I own a pair of Rossignol Cobras for a carving ski. The
SuperMountains fill the gap at All Mountain ski. I also bought a pair of used CMH Explosives (to be used for anything but ice). And I've spent less than $700 for three pairs of skis and bindings.
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