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thanks a bunch ant!

Now we have to wait for an answer .... cough it up willya'!

#1 Limited production and limited quantities to the US market as well as small distribution network.

#2 Since Stockli is about the last handmade ski .... Ogasaka too? I know that the lowest of the Stockli line is not handmade.

.... and you could argue that Leo La Croix's skis are hand made too!
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Post-Wilbur M. Era.

Originally Posted by telerod15
First time I've seen a box store (Sprats R'Thar:itsy) stock wintergear before a specialty shop (The New Ski Chalet). </hijack>
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10-4, copy TSA, TNSC.
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Originally Posted by Clayton
Just read recentlly that a Japanese ski maker who's name is escaping me claims to have made the first fiberglass ski. (Maybe production ski?). Wonder who is right?
Is that Japanese company Swallow?
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Here is where we discussed it a few years back.
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You sure Yamaha skis aren't still available in Japan. For some reason I thought they were. May have seen some Japanese tourists with them.
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters
They're all defunct as ski manufacturers.
Dynamics have been sold in EU for the past several seasons. Are they Dynamic in name only?
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IMO, the correct answer to the question is that up until 2003 these ski manufacturers, much of which are now defunct, did not market skis in the USA. Dynamic and Hagen have always sold skis in the european market. In fact, I believe that Hagen is still a fairly large touring ski player in europe. Ask Checkracer, he seems to be very knowledgeable regarding the european market.
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Lange skis: very popular here in the 70s, esp. Lange SL (I raced on a pair), cracked edges, good grip but a ski for one season only
Further: GS and Banshee
Afaik, made by Dynamic
Cf. the older thread mentioned, a lot of info there though not everything is correct.
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Originally Posted by skier_j
I didn't know Lange actually made a ski
It was basically an Authier ski with Lange graphics. Or maybe it was a Lange ski with Authier construction and design.
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They're all in my closet...that's what they 'ave in common.

Loving you always,
Neon 1 Piece
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