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Atomic SL9 only for lighter/less agressive skiers?

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I was looking at this ski in a shop and they suggested it was ideally suited to lighter / less agressive skiers. The review on this site doesn't imply that.

At the time I was also looking at the volkl 6* (per my other post), so perhaps they meant relative to that.

I have Rossi 2000 177 CM Viper X's which are a recreation GS. I was think I could either complement them with some 160cm SL9's or replace them with a more versatile 161cm 6*.

Prior to the Viper's I always skied a slalom ski (K2 710, Salomon 2s), I am interested in getting back onto something that would be a bump capable fall-line quick turner.

I am 43, 5'7", 165 Lbs ski mostly icey eastern blacks. Would a 160 cm SL9 be too soft?

Any opinions are appreciated.

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Hi Gord,

If Bump sking is on the agenda the Volkl 6* may be too stiff. In the reveiws I have read they are not list as a bump ski. The 5* would probably be a better bet. The SL9 is listed as being OK in moderate bumps and a good all around ski. I demo'd the SL9 in a 150 length in the spring and bought a 160 length this summer.

FYI I am 5' 8' 165 # and a few years older than you.

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I would rather have the SL9 as an all around ski than most slaloms. I would say your ski shop is full of it. I have a good 30 pounds on you and ski fairly aggressively, and I still rarely "overpower" them in or out of the course. More often I'm doing something wrong and the skis are responding to that.

For traditional bump skiing (competitive) any slalom may be too turny and grippy. However, modified technique will work really well and open up new elements in your skiing.

The 5* and similar skis are like the slaloms of a few years ago. 14-16 meter radius, stiff, and skied in a slightly longer length. Sounds a lot like my Atomic 9.16s from a few years back.

I've used my SL9s as everyday skis for the past couple years, except for powder days. I even had them in waist deep powder once (not that I'd recommend it). They're fun, versatile, and pretty cheap on eBay right now. From the sounds of it, your local shop may be feeding you a line anyway.
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Martin, Are you a fall line short radius person, agressive skier? What did you think of the SL9's?

Alaska Mike, Thanks, they sound like they would be a lot of fun.
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Gord, In answer to your questions. I am a fall line skier love short turns. I really liked the SL9s for being quick and surprisingly stable. I demo'd them at Hockley Valley so the runs are limited in length but I could easily let them run and not worry about stability. I found the SL9s to be a lot of fun so I bought some. Other skis in the quiver Atomic GS9s I like, Rossi Viper (2000 ?) I like, Volk G3s for sale. Since you asked , for what it is worth, here is some info on how and what I ski. Much of my skiing is done in the Toronto area. I ski all the blacks and so called double blacks here. I ski out west a couple of times a year usually spending as much time as possible on western double blacks, with a preference for trees. I still like to play in zipper-lines and all but the iciest bumps. I started adult racing last year.

Hope that gives you a better idea.

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Martin, thanks. That sounds a lot like where and how I ski.

If you are happy on the SL9's on those runs in this general neighborhood with that type of skiing, then I'm sure I would also enjoy them from everything I have heard from everyone.

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HI GordM,

I skied the SL9 in a 150cm for 2 years. My stats are 52yrs.,180# and 5'10". The SL9's took everything I could dish out. I ski the PNW mostly. I placed in the Nationals @ P.C.,Ut. for what it's worth on those skis.
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I have a pair of the forerunner to the SL9 THE 9'12'S from several years ago. I have a 170 cm length. I have had nothing short of a blast skiing this ski. It turns efforlessly and is a great ski to carve short arcs on. I think it is very well suited for skiing on small vertical hills.

I've even had mine in powder and they worked pretty well. The ski definitely wants to turn but I have found its not all that difficult to vary the turn radius as well. I think you will have no regrets with the SL9 . I believe only a strong racer would find it not stout enough for free skiing.
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I'll just join the chorus here. The SL9 is not a wimpy ski. It's not as stiff as the SL11, but I suspect that's a good thing for all-around-skiing on the feet of people of any size (including bigger than you).
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SL9 is definitely not weak. It does have upper speed limit though, due to the absence of metal in its construction. At certain skill/speed level you just have to have metal laminate in the ski, for high speed stability

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Thanks everybody for backing up all the other reviews I have read! I just got off the phone, my order is placed for a pair of 160's, helluva deal. I have loved cruising fast on my Viper X's, but am now anxiously looking forward to getting these babies on the hill in Dec. I look forward to returning to a pair of slaloms, especially these. I think the SL9's will be a great complement to the Vipers.

Thanks again,

P.S. I posted this question to another site first. There has not been a single reply. You all make this a great on-line community.
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You're gonna love that SL9! It's an absolute blast ripping trenches most people can only dream about, as well as conquer a wide variety of terrain. After driving the SL9, your Viper X is gonna feel like lumber!
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skidoc said,You're gonna love that SL9! It's an absolute blast ripping trenches most people can only dream about, as well as conquer a wide variety of terrain.
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