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i am shopping for my first pair of boots but living in the tropical local of tampa, fl, there is only on place i can get fitted. while the establishement is very well known and respected, i have to say it's quite.... pretentious. for example, they have a HUGE selection of ski apparel, but its all Bogner, ect. (i mean, who REALLY wears a $1000 ski jacket? and whats really sad is that people go in there and eat it up!) so my problem, is.. while their stuff is of high quality i don't neccessarily trust their judgement based on, well, its tampa! its not like these people are out on the slopes demo-ing the gear.

anyway, the "ski expert" fitted me for Salomon X-Wave 6.0. i am not a novice, i can comfortably handle most of the runs at, say... Steamboat, but i am far from expert. i need something that can handle alot of variations in terrain, because these are the only boots i will own. plus i have very narrow feet, one weak ankle from too many triathlons, and dont want to spend more then $375. any suggestions?