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Icon XT vs. Diablo Pro

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My current boot is the Icon XT 17. I am very interested in the Diablo Pro 110. So far everyone agrees that the new boot is better.In fact i started a thread about this a couple of weeks ago. Despite the fact that I have read all that has been said about it here and also have read all about it on the US and European sites, i still have some questions:

1. The new boot has a new construction. They droped the monoblock shell.OK but what does this mean? What is their new construction and what differences will be felt and where?
2. I'd like to know how will the new boot handle hard snow(compared to the XT)?
3. How will the new boot handle soft snow - spring conditions(compared to the XT)?
4. With the new construction, in what type of turns do you think it will shine most(short/medium/long turns)?
5.The new boot has a 110 flex index. How did you find it compared to the flex of the XT(100)? the flex is soft and i really want to know if it's the same affair with the new model.
6.Overall do you think the Diablo is a better boot or a MUCH BETTER boot and leaves the XT far behind performance wise?

This is important for me to know because i am on a budget and would like to know if i should buy the new model or remain with the XT. I mean i really want to know if i would be missing on something or not. But please don't reply thinking that i'm on a budget. If it is clearly a better boot i will not hesitate to buy it but if it is not that big of a difference then i'll stay with what i have.

Thanks a lot
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I'll give it a shot at answering your questions as I have skied both the boots you are talking about. For clarification, the Diablo Race actually comes in both the 130 and 110 flex, with the 130 being the 'retail version' and the 110 designed for light weight, junior racers.

1. The Diablo is designed for four edge skiing, where the monoblock shell was designed to be levered against, laterally, to affect the pressure to the edge. The Diablo's new shell construction allows it to be powerful in all directions.
2. See #1 - because of the heightened lateral transmission in this boot it holds better on ice and hard snow than the XT
3. Again, the improved stance in the Diablo will make it more responsive edge to edge - it won't be as forgiving in spring slush as the XT, but it will move more quickly.
4. The boot is designed as a race boot -- it will respond to whatever speed and size of turn you put into it - it will just respond faster than the XT
5. Flex indexes are made up numbers. The XT had a flex of 100, because at the time Tecnica needed to put the highest number on their race boot...thus, the XT became a 100. On the Diablo scale, the XT would compare to about a 115-20.
6. The fit, stance and wrap of the Diablo make it more responsive than the XT. All of Tecnica's top athletes willingly and rapidly made the switch to the Diablo and in time trials were faster.

Having said all that, if you are on a budget and you are happy with your XTs, think about your purchase a bit more and maybe try the boot out - your coach should be able to get in touch with their Tecnica race rep. Or head into a local shop, bring your XTs and try them on side by side with a Diablo.
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