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Atomic SX-9

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I am looking for a pair of 2003/2004 Atomic SX-9 in 170CM's either New or used. If anyone has this ski that they are willing to sell, please contact me.

I really want this ski before the season begins!

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Ski Net Sports in L.A. had a pair in stock when I was there and they are still listed on the website for $309. Here's a link:


Click on the close-outs link.
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I ahve a pair to sell. Thet are in excellent conditon--tuned, waxed and ready to go.
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Anyone want to sell these skis?
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SX9 For Sale

I have a pair of 180 cm I would sell with the matching 412 binding. Excellent condition lightly used. The base could probably use a couple of hot waxes. I ski on man made snow and typically use the paste wax.

I thought with the bindings they would be worth $375. Binding was mountd for a 27 mondo point boot shell.
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