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Has anyone had experience with the Ascutney Max Card? We like it there, and we're thinking of skiing there quite a bit next winter.
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Originally Posted by ascutney.com
In addition to the Ascutney Advantage Pass, skiers and riders again can purchase the MAX card this season. For $89 skiers and snowboarders can purchase the card and begin saving money on lift tickets. All tickets purchased with the card are 50% off, including weekends and holidays! With the MAX Card, adults can ski or ride for $26 midweek, non-holiday and just $27.50 on weekends and holidays! Juniors ski or ride for $18.50 midweek, non-holiday and just $20 on weekends and holidays! In addition, MAX cardholders receive 50% off standard group ski lessons, providing yet another way to save!

Seems like a great deal to me. Simple math to figure out if it's worth it - it'll take 4 weekend lift tickets to pay for itself. If you plan to go to Asctuney at least 4 times, it's worth it.
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Yeah, were sort of thinking along those lines. However, we also need lodging, and they also have lodging and lift ticket packages. Which somewhat complicates the equation. I do like that it leaves you flexible to ski other places.

Last year we enrolled our 5 year old in Ascutney's mini olympian all day program. They took him out twice a day and really got him skiing. We were very impressed. However, it got somewhat costly at $85 per day. If the MAX card extends to this program, I think we'll jump on it. Guess I'll call Ascutney.
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I called Ascutney. The MAX Card does not extend to the mini Olympian program.
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