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Visit Whistler in December OR January?

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I'm thinking about taking advantage of the great deals at Whistler (even though I really can't afford to on top of a ski house and season pass at K-mart).

Is it likely to be worth my time and money to go either early December (about $50-$100 cheaper) or early January?

Just toying with the idea, so any info you can provide would be appreciated.
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Early December is great and uncrowded so long as they have the snow. I've seen it that early with great snow, but I've seen years where not a whole lot of the mountain is open. Like at most areas, if you can wait to book, probably better.
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last year around x-mass, whislter caught some incredible dumps. If you were looking at either early Dec or early Jan, I would definately say early Jan is the safer bet.
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Just to echo everyone's advice here, - January. Your odds are better, and if I was taking one trip I wouldn't gamble on the early snows. A lot depends as well on your ability and if you expect to hit the high alpine runs. Peak chair opening depends on having a lot of snow, last year I believe that was around the 18th of December (guessing).

Last year I had an unreal week in mid-December (17-23), but the year before nothing. This year... who knows
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We usually book a few days there in November! In the last 10 years, there have only been a couple times when lack of snow was a problem. In fact, it can be a fabulous powder season. Downloading from mid station is required (it may be raining in town), but there will be no lines, and the locals and staff are pumped for the coming season. Though the powder can be great, the snow base is not deep, so one should be especially selective when off piste. We also go for a few days in May. Dirt cheap. Honestly, I can scarely afford Whistler at other times of year.

Mind you, Whistler for us does not involve air fare. Still, it's worth it to wait and see what conditions are like early/late season, and book it last minute. The hotels are empty and not much air travel then, so deals abound.
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Makes sense, thanks. I'll keep an eye on conditions
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January is a good bet

January after new year holiday is usually a good time to go. Slopes are not crowded relative to late Feb or early March. I went last year at end of January and they had awesome snow. Some of the lifts were ski up and on with no waits or under a minute. Of course that was mid-week. I would suggest signing up for Whistler-Blackcomb ski deals on the Whistler website. Sounds like you have some flexibility , which is always good when booking a vacation.
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I ski Whistler every year before Christmas and then do Xmas day in Vancouver with my sister. I can only remember one truly bad year. Most years, it dumps frequently from mid-October through the end of December and there's plenty of snow and good base depths. Other'n Mount Baker, I don't think there's a more reliable place for December skiing though AltaBird is also usually a good bet by then.
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