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Need New Instruction Books

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I have read "Breakthrough on the New Skis" by Lito Tejada-Flores and "Ski the Whole Mountain" from the Deslauriers brothers.

I am looking for a more technical book that goes into more detail and is recent.

Any books that you guys like?
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I'll go down the hill and urge Bob Barnes to get the darn thing finished, already!
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Try Ron LeMaster's The Skier's Edge.
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I like the USSA Alpine Ski Fundamentals DVD. It has lots of completely simple drills. It seems to be designed to reinforce fundamemtal skills in advanced skiers, but some of those drills are the same as I used in the beginner lesson 10 years ago.

Regards, John
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personally, I liked Ellen Post Foster's The Art of Carving (plus you can get the video to compliment to visually represent the ideas instead of just relying on the text).
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Any other feedback on the USSA Alpine Ski Fundamentals DVD? I've been considering it but have balked up till now because of the price. I'm a new Nastar racer so I was hoping this was worth the money.
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There's a great new book by Coach Tom Reynolds - he's been the guru behind many of the technical gurus for many years. Having been a student of his (as have many prestigious coaches in the US) I can tell you that it definitely covers modern technical aspects.

Effective Ski Coaching*-Tom Reynolds. A text for coaches, competitors, parents. $24.95 + $4 S/H. Visa/MC accepted. New Additions, PO Box 883, Farmington, ME 04938. 207/778-3471
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Thanks for the posts.

Does Tom Reynolds coach at Carrabassett Valley Academy?
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I vote for The Skier's Edge. It's the best technical book I've seen in years.
I was kind of disappointed with the USSCA's CD. I expected a lot more.

If you see Tom, ask him if he still enjoys his "only the finest whisky" daily.
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Does Tom Reynolds coach at Carrabassett Valley Academy?
Coach is (he'll kill me for this one) reaching 70ish and retired from running (creating) the ski industries program at U Maine Farmington. That program produced a lot of the coaches at CVA including the former head coach, Scott Hoisington. Coach Reynolds still runs clinics up at the Loaf and can be found ripping it up (thanks to two new bio-cool hip joints!) daily there. Don't know about the whiskey though - we lived in fear and respect of him whilst under his tutelage. His favorite was hiking us up to set courses early on a Friday morning when he knew we were all completely hung over!

Anyway - it's a great book. Another (classic) is How the Racer's Ski. A lot of what Witherill wrote had merit then and still applies now - he's also written a second version that's more updated, but I love the classic too.
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Al Hobart and his World Cup carving technique is good stuff. When I first watched the DVD I thought he was kidding with the guerilla turn drills till he broke down some World Cuppers and they were utilizing this technique. I like Harald Harb on video too. I am aware of the controversy his Primary Movements causes , but the guy can really put a ski on edge and rip. I have all the Lito books and tapes and whether you agree and advocate his teachings or not, he is absolutely the best at articulating and describing his technique and how to apply it. I think he's a superb writer and communicator.
Anybody remember the Sybervision Tapes probably late 80s vintage. I thought thew Sybervision concept of breaking the movements down over and over again in slow motion was very effective. I read that's the way Harvey Penick taught the golf swing. I have a tendency to misinterpret most instruction articles and books.
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Al Hobart's stuff is good...Snowshack.com has a great selection of instructional stuff.
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