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Volant Gravity 71

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Any info on this ski would be greatly apreciated. Thanks in advance!
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My son skis on these and loves them. He is 5'5", 90 lbs, 16 years old and a strong level 8 skier. He demo'ed a number of skis last spring and decided definitively that these were the ones for him. I would generalize to say that these are very versatile yet forgiving skis for advanced skiers who are light in weight. He skis exclusively in the west (Vail, Copper, etc), all types of terrain and conditions, and also skied on them in NZ last summer (their winter). The 71 mm width provides plenty of float in the deep stuff for a person of little mass (they are probably the equivalent of something at least 10 mm wider for a 150lb person- search an old thread by physicsman here for more about that), yet is easy to get on edge.
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totally agree with 'dp'...
i've got a couple pair of volants (02/03 machete truth and 03/04 gravity 68). i have them because i'm alot lazier than i used to be in my teens & twenties and i'm no longer agile or strong enough to ski my g3's at the veryveryvery slooooow speeds required to perform many of the psia lvl2 tasks.
if you spend alot of time on hardpack and groomers, and you do not exceed the speed limit, volants will do exactly what you ask of them without any suprises. short radius, medium radius, swing turns, bumps, they love them all! wet and heavy crud will kill you.

machete truth: 170cm. loves the pipe
gravity 68: 165cm. pure carver
g3: 177cm. speed demon
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