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Big Sky

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What can you tell me about Big Sky? We are considering a trip there in late Jan/early Feb.

Also what about lodging? Any good ski in/ski out where I don't have to take out a loan?

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Depends on what sort of lodging you are in search of. Do you desire a room and that is it, or a condo and cooking facilities?

The snow is usually here by Feb.1 with all the terrain open and in good shape. Days are getting a bit longer and it can be not so cold but I would bring winter ski gear, especially goggles and a neck gaiter and warm hat if you are not a helmet guy. Do you plan on bring skis or renting? Mid-Fat skis are a good idea here for the more agressive skier, snow quality can really be variable.

Your visit is during the slack period prior to Pres. Weekend, so you should have some lattitude to bargin shop for deals.

If you plan on going the Condo and cook route, plan on shopping in Bozeman, groceries are spendy here.

If you have specific questions, ask away, I worked for Boyne for 12 years so I have a pretty good idea how things work, and plan on a day or two at Moonlight Basin.
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Hey uh, John,

Try that search feature. Especially as it pertains to the ยด05 Academy.
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