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Ski Resort & Mountain Biking Center
Plattekill Mtn Road, Roxbury, NY 12474
Tel: (607) 326-3500 Fax: (607) 326-3034

Contact: Danielle Vajtay, Plattekill Mountain
(607) 326-3500 ext 11

In an unprecedented move, Plattekill Mountain in Roxbury, NY has announced an extremely
attractive 2004-05 season pass aimed at the college student market. This season they are offering a
new “college buddy pass” to any college age student (18-21 with proof of valid full-time college ID)
who signs up with three other students for a price of $99 each. This is half the price of their
individual student season ski pass which is selling for $199 this year. College students will be able to
ski all season long for just about the price of 3 student lift tickets (priced at $30/day weekends &
holidays). There are NO holiday blackout restrictions on these passes. Students only need to
purchase the pass at the same time and all four will save $100 each for a total saving of $400 for this
whopping ski and board season pass offering. This pass will be available for purchase all season
long due to the nature of the price relative to the price of a student day ticket. To get your
application form today call (607) 326-3500 or email Plattekill Mountain at All

this info and more can also be found at