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Pierre is back

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Hi all, I have been gone for about 5 months. I finished my trawler and have been on it most of the summer. I just got back yesterday from 5 weeks of salmon fishing in northern Lake Michigan. Everything is changed here and it will take my technology challenged mind some time to get use to this.
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You were missed. I'm glad to see you're back.
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Yeah!!! Come vist us this winter?
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How about a picture of your boat.
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I'm sooo jealous! What make trawler you captain? ...Grand Banks, Marine trader, Cheoy Lee...

You're going to dry dock for the winter or bring it down South?

Pictures indeed...I love boat porn!
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Glad you're back Pierre! Sounds like you had a great summer. Enjoy all the new stuff, and get your skis ready.
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Welcome back! How was the North end of Lake Michigan? Down here it has been wet.wet.wet.
Yes, let's see some photos of the good ship Lollipop in the used and utilized mode, no cleaning up allowed! Well, unless the marine diesel supplier's calender is too racy for the kinder.
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Hi Pierre, sorry we missed each other for me to take pictures of your boat while in the lake, how was the salmon fishing? Did your dad go with you? And how about your daughter and wife, did they spend any time on the boat? Do put some pictures up (or I will <grin>)

We stuck much of the Summer around the islands, but next year it's down the Erie Canal to the Hudson and maybe the 1000 Islands region.

Glad to have you back....

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Good to see you back again!
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Welcome back Pierre. We can use your perspective on the political posts in the lounge. For some reason those from the other point of view have remained silent. I hope you join in and add your views.

Also, I hope to get you over to Pennsyltucky this winter so you can tutor us on the joy of skiing ice and coral bumps.
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Welcome back Pierre eh!!!!
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I am curious if you were able to make the bump skiing video I believe you were going to try and film last spring in Colorado. I'd like to be able to see and visualize what you have described in previous threads. I have a tough time interpreting descriptions well. Video works better for me.

Having said that I have about 6 or 7 golf swing tapes that have left me pretty inept. I'd like to think I'm a better skier than a golfer, but that's not saying much. My ski hill( 7 Springs) has the same icy troughed nasty bumps you have described in the past. I'd like to be able to develop a new strategy to ski them better and am very interested in the technique you have devolped for skiing bumps.

Now that I have figured how to log on , I look forward to gaining the inputs and knowledge you share with us. Welcome back.
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Welcome back to you too roundturns!! Vail again in '05?
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I did try to make the video but ran into some problems. The first day out I went to Breckenridge and skied with CDC. I followed him on a narrow trail and lost sight of him. I stuck my head up just enough to catch the top of a branch. The branch snapped my head back and I went forward onto my ribs. I got up, shook it off and caught up to CDC.

I did not know it at the time but my head started to feel like I was being stung by a bee. My breathing was also impared. About closing time I took off my hat and it was full of blood. I went to the local clinic where they put nine stitches in my head. My cell phone broke two of my ribs.

No problem I thought, just a few surface wounds. The next day I skied bump for the video with Rusty Guy and thought I was doing fine although my ribs hurt and I was kinda behind the power curve so to speak. When I viewed the video I was obvious that I had a ton of rotation and imbalance involved with the broken ribs. I quit skiing for the season right then at noon. I soon experienced a considerable amount of pain associated with the broken ribs. Slowed the boat project down.

Can you upload pictures in Epic Ski now? I might consider going on the Erie Canal with Ott next summer. I tried to get him to commit to the Erie/Trent Severn canals this summer with no luck.
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Come on, broken ribs only hurt if you breath.

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Glad to see you're back hale and hearty, Pierre.
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That's a terrible thing to have happen on a ski vacation. Thirty years ago, I took my first trip to New England. We went to Mad River Glen. There's boiler plate and there's boiler plate. First day second run, my skis were chattering so hard my fabulous Besser Plate bindings pre released and I fell and started to slide head first wearing my zero friction Cirre(spelling) nylon coat. I couldn't get my feet in front of me and I slid off the hill head first over the bank and down through some small trees. My head missed everything . When I came to a stop, I had pulled my foot completely out of a very snuggly buckled Munari Comp ski boot. My calf hurt like hell, and I gingerly touched my leg conviced I would discover a bone peircing my skin.
No break. Couldn't ski the rest of the trip. Came home to NW Pa. was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my calf. Knock on wood, that was the only injury I have had in 40 years of skiing.
Proof that I have been a pretty cautious skier .

Coach , I will be in Vail in April when they initiate the steep discounts. I'll be staying at the cheapest hotel , and eating a packed sandwich for lunch.
I look forward to that week every year hope to catch up to you there next spring and see those Dynastar skiis on your feet you've been jonesing about.It's a great way to extend our way to short ski season here in Pa. The last 4-5 years that week has provided fresh tracks in the AM. I never saw the lower mountain in as bad a shape as it was this past April however. Still plenty of great skiing on top and in the back , but I love to ski Riva Ridge every afternoon till I'm exhausted and this year getting over to the Vista Bahn became creative.

I think everybody here at Epic Ski has had enough summer. Its time to ski.
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Originally Posted by Springhill Crazie
Welcome back Pierre. We can use your perspective on the political posts in the lounge. For some reason those from the other point of view have remained silent. I hope you join in and add your views.

Also, I hope to get you over to Pennsyltucky this winter so you can tutor us on the joy of skiing ice and coral bumps.
DUDE! Don't get him started, he's nutz ya know.

Welcome back Pierre (eh)
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Hey, we don't allow French people to post on this site, do we?? :
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Pierre is not French he's one of them Ah-hi-ians from Ahia.
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Ohhhhh, a good ole southern boy is he? OK, he can stay then.
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Originally Posted by Taylormatt
DUDE! Don't get him started, he's nutz ya know.

Welcome back Pierre (eh)
I ain't nutz yah know. Maybe we can ski together again in some of those wonderful conditions we skied in before eh.

Where you are from in dah state of Ohio depends on how you pronounce it. Ahia is Cinnci/ Kentuc and O'how is more Wesaginia.

As for my political views, lets just say I am not a card carrying member of the French Farmers Socialist Republic.
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Originally Posted by Pierre
I ain't nutz yah know.

Is that a self assessment : , or do you have credible evidence to support your claim?
Welcome back!

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I'm just beginning to navigate this site again with all these new fangled changes.Most of them are great but still haven't figured out a few things.
The important things haven't changed, like the people. Good to hear from you again. Oboe is stilmissing though.
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Welcome back. I was getting worried when you didn't show up after the melt down.
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welcome back

Broken ribs!! been there don't want to go back! Glad to hear from you again When's the snow going to fly...
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Welcome back! We missed you.
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Don't worry Pierre. The odds are stacked well in your favor that we can ski coral crapola again. Look where we live
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